Kayden Kross Pet of the Month September 2008

“This really is the perfect career for me. My favorite way to work out is sex, and my favorite way to relax is sex. I can get it all done while I’m working!”

Kayden Kross, Penthouse Pet of the Month September 2008
Vital Stats:
23 years old, 5’5″

Sacramento, California.

Favorite Fantasy:
Fucking a gorgeous stranger all night long…then never seeing him again.

If you could have sex with anyone, past or present:
Kurt Cobain.

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  • TomAce

    Beautiful Kayden Kross should be “Penthouse Pet of the Year” 2009!!! I will definitly vote for her.
    Luv U, Kayden :)

  • Carl

    Damn Kayden is the hottest woman in the world, beautiful face, perfect breasts, great legs. She should be the Pet of the Year

  • http://www.pikiranrakyat.co.id Ray

    You’re Georgeous Kayden, beautiful face, the perfect sexy smiles, costume choice and sweet tatoo in your right-kicks…ckckck. Greats pictures of woman in Golden sexiest ages…! You’re so hot’s in Penthouse and wanna win my vote for “Penthouse Pet of the year 2009″.

  • Mishu

    My favourite model..

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