Sabrina Maree Penthouse Pet December 2010
“I had an amazing quickie with the male talent in a movie I was shooting a girl-girl-girl screen for, in the men’s room of the nightclub where we were shooting. It was quick, it was good, and I never talked to him again. Hi, if you’re reading this…”

Sabrina Maree Penthouse Pet December 2010
Vital Stats
23 years old
34D-36-36; 5’4″

Wilton, California.

Favorite vacation spot:
Tahiti. It’s romantic, there’s snorkeling, and the interior of the island is relatively undisturbed dense jungle.

Dream vacation spot:
Greece and Italy.

Most daring thing you’ve ever done:
Swim with sharks in Tahiti.

What’s the hottest movie sex scene?
Not a movie, but I think the True Blood DVD should come with vibrators.

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  • Robert J Basye3rd

    Vote RT @sabrinamaree: RT @Penthouse: Sabrina Maree I

  • Adel Alzubaidy

    I love the way you look at me,nYour eyes so bright and blue.nI love the way you kiss me,nYour lips so soft and smooth.n

  • I forgot my name

    34D >36< 36 ?

  • Awsome_Dude13

    You have my vote for Pet of the Year.

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