“I’ve made love in many exciting places: under a railroad track, on Interstate 40, in the Colorado River, on a dirt bike, and even on the hood of my car.”

Jenna Rose Penthouse Pet of the Month October 2011
Vital Stats:
34-24-35; 5’3″
20 years old

The Victor Valley area of California’s High Desert.

What’s your dream vacation spot?
Rome. It has so much history, and looks like it would be very romantic.

Favorite food:
Mexican, Chinese, and sushi. Actually, I just love food.

Favorite workout:
Being on top during sex. I like being in control, and I get to work my abs at the same time.

Have you done any singing, dancing, or acting?
I sing in my car, dance in front of my mirror, and act when I’m on-set.

Would you rather lose the ability to have orgasms or your right arm?
My right arm, definitely. I’m a lefty!

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  • Brandonlemons1981

    She has to be the most beautiful, seductive women I have ever seen. Her eyes take you to another place.

  • Mjp

    ilove yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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