“I once made love on the side of a highway, on top of a car—not that big a deal, except there were a lot of people watching from a nightclub. They were bent over the bar so they could see us.”

Alexis Ford Penthouse Pet June 2012
Vital stats:
36C-25-34; 5’5″
24 years old

Queens, New York.

Favorite thing about your hometown:
It has a lot of places to eat with food from different cultures, and it only takes 15 minutes on the subway to get to Manhattan.

Favorite vacation spot:
Anywhere warm and beautiful. I love Hawaii because the beaches are so white that it feels like you’re in paradise.

Dream vacation spot:
Fiji, because they have hotels in the middle of the ocean, and Tokyo, because they’re up on new technology and it looks like a really neat place to go.

If you won a million dollars, you’d:
Buy a gorgeous condo and a Ferrari.

What’s your favorite fantasy?
Men in uniforms.

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