“Early in my career, I was traveling 60 to 80 percent of the time. When you’re traveling as much as I was and as horny as I am, you don’t just want to get laid in a plane—you expect to. I’d wear a T-shirt that said MILE-HIGH CLUB VIP MEMBER and some Hello Kitty sweatpants when I flew. My hair was dyed hot pink, so I was hard to miss. My most memorable experience was with a guy who came up to me and said, ‘I know you!’ Now, when you’re a porn star, a lot of people say they know you, but we really had met before. We had drinks at the bar and hit it off, so we decided to change our seats at the gate so we could sit together.

“The flight we were on was a red-eye from L.A. to New York, which is a great flight for joining the Mile-High Club, by the way, because people on those flights are the hip and cool types. The guy told me about his fear of flying, and said that in order to get through a flight, he has to masturbate. But he didn’t get to, because I gave him a blowjob right in our seats. And this wasn’t in the back of the plane, either. This was at the front of the plane with lights shining on us. When we got up from our seats, one of the stewardesses knew what we were up to. She gave us a look like, go for it! And we didn’t just have sex in the bathroom. We ended up having sex in the back of the car that picked me up from the airport, and then at my hotel. We were going for the gold.”

“I noticed a guy at the airport in Atlanta and was like, Wow! Next thing I know, I’m sitting next to him on the flight to Miami. After our neighbor nodded off, the fun began. First a handjob, then a blowjob. I really wanted to get into the bathroom and have a go, and we almost did—until he said that if we did the cops would be waiting for us upon landing. I didn’t want that! So I gave him the best blowjob and hand service, which is only found on Mile-High excursions. I sucked up his come while trying not to get busted by flight attendants.”

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