There’s room for only a few of our favorite dirty place-names. Feel free to send in your own list.
By Reverend Jen

No matter your political beliefs or social status, every English speaking person on the planet can agree on one thing—the fact that there are villages named “Fucking,” “Anus,” and “Dildo” is funny. I don’t care how mature you are, if you don’t crack up laughing at “Anus, France,” you don’t have a soul. If any of these towns lack an explosive tourism trade, I can only say that they are badly mismanaged.


Fucking, Austria
(Pronounced “fooking.”) “Fuck” is one of the seven words you can’t say on TV, and this town is spelled exactly like fuck’s present participle, so it wins No. 1. Four road signs with Fucking’s name on them are the town’s most famous feature, and are frequently stolen (Fucking’s only reported crime), at great cost to the city, causing some residents—“Fuckingers”— to consider changing the name in 2004. The majority voted against doing so, and the municipality’s mayor even stated, “Everyone here knows what it means in English, but for us, Fucking is Fucking—and it’s going to stay Fucking.” Attempting, unsuccessfully, to get a quote from a Fuckinger, I asked a friend, “Do you know anyone from Fucking?” He cleverly res ponded, “Everyone comes from Fucking!” If Fucking doesn’t already have a slogan for bumper stickers, it does now.


Anus, France
France is a country known for its production of fabulous perfumes, and I have no doubt that Anus smells as sweet as anything Coco Chanel’s factories ever produced. For a good time, go to and type in “Anus, France.” It will tell you it’s “searching for hotels in Anus.”


Dildo, Newfoundland
Each summer, this village celebrates Dildo Days, featuring a flotilla of decorated boats that circles the bay. In the prow of the first boat stands an effigy of an old Newfoundland sea dog named Captain Dildo. Best superhero name ever!


Wankum, Germany
Wankum is a picturesque town with another heavily photographed sign. Also in Germany—a mountain called Mount Wank and a town named Weener.


Wankers Corner, Oregon
Far from Wankum, Germany, there is Wankers Corner. Because it is defined as a locale, it has no post office, but it
does boast Wankers Corner Saloon & Café. I hope they take reservations!


Intercourse, Pennsylvania
While not the filthiest name in the bunch, I have actually been to Intercourse, so there. However, I was only six, so I had no idea how funny it would be later in life and didn’t take notes. Bottom line—Intercourse is a sleepy little Amish town that might be better served calling itself “Resolution Phase Town.” The movie Witness was filmed there, and the film For Richer or Poorer was set there. Unsurprisingly, its street signs are also frequently stolen.


Blue Ball, Pennsylvania
Conveniently located just a few miles from Intercourse, Blue Ball is another sleepy little town. It was named after the Blue Ball Hotel, which was torn down in 1997. Finding any info on this town was almost as frustrating as blue balls themselves.


Twatt, Scotland
There are actually two Twatts in Scotland: one in the Shetland Islands and one in the Orkney Islands, which means double the fun. Both Twatts take their name from an Old Norse word meaning “small parcel of land.”


Nob End, England
Sadly, from around 1850 to 1870, Nob End was used as a dumping ground for alkaline waste. The waste, known as “galligu,” was a blue sludge that smelled like bad eggs. Since then, most things have gotten better in Nob End, except its moniker.


Choosing ten wasn’t easy, because the world is full of silly place-names for which we are grateful, and none of which we should take for granted. Hence, the tenth spot will go to the “honorable mentions”: Ballplay, Tennessee; Beaverlick, Kentucky; Big Beaver, Pennsylvania; Assloss, Scotland; Bumpass, Virginia; Climax, Georgia; Cockplay, Scotland; Muff, Ireland; Pussy Creek, Ohio; and, finally, Spread Eagle, Wisconsin.
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  • roro macrory

    muff Ireland, and theres a diving club there

  • jjdjcjdjjkkdjd

    theres also a place in newfoundland called come by chance and i live in newfoundland and they are funny towns

  • ThY

    I didn’t know Oregon was a country. When did it get independece?

  • Curlytail

    The best, surely, is Cockamouth in the UK.

  • bimber

    big bone lick, kentucky. located on beaver road next to beaverlick. shame for missing this one.

  • Paulpot


  • fullofit

    There is a place in Switserland called Kriegstetten translated it means war boobs, kriegs = war and tetten = boobs, sounds painful

  • Rider Pride

    Regina, Saskatchewan! Come on!

  • Victor Carnosa

    You know there’s a brewery in Fucking/Austria. One of their products is called Fucking Hell.


    gotta visit this places.

  • JJ

    My niece lives in Climax, GA…I am up in Cumming, GA

  • Max

    i live in Cockburn , Western Australia

  • Bauke

    There is a place in holland called Rectum

  • Vojta

    Kunda (Estonia?) – means “Vagina” in Czech.

  • scott


  • island girl

    Sexmoan in the Philippines. They changed it later, though, to Sasmuan.

  • Rachel

    ballsbridge, ireland

  • Ry Russ

    Cumming Georgia?

  • KIKI

    I’ve heard of a town called Bitchfield, England

  • Buck

    hey, here’s a cool name for the list from my home country! “Cum By Chance”, Newfoundland, Canada. I like it.

  • Buck

    I’m lovin it! Still lmao…..think I dribbled in my drawers over that one…..check out my post too!

  • Budz Calz

    sexmoan, pampanga, philippines. locals have renamed it sasmuan. it was also how the name was pronounced.

  • Graham Nude

    How about Penistone, or PENIS TOWN in Yorkshire, UK, or Lower Piddle, North Piddle and Wyre Piddle, near Piddle Brook in Worcestershire, UK

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