Ariel RebelErotic model/entrepreneur Ariel Rebel is doing all she can to make her presence known on the web, including providing us with sexy photos of herself wearing—and, even better, not wearing—Penthouse panties.
By Jennifer Peters

There are some who say the internet was invented for one reason and one reason only: to propagate pornography. We’re not sure if that’s really why it exists, but it’s certainly our favorite thing about it.

At 26 years old, Canadian model Ariel Rebel has already built an online empire, running not only her own web sites—her paid site, her free blog, and a web comic—but a network of sites starring other models, as well as her own affiliate program. That might sound like a lot, but to a technophile like Ariel, it’s barely enough to keep her from getting bored. “Some people would call me a workaholic,” she says, “but I don’t think of it as work. I’ve always been very creative, and I’m super active online, so it never seems like a chore to work on my sites.”

Ariel started her own website in 2005, but it wasn’t until 2008 that she took the reins. Wanting to better reflect her personality, she started
shooting more and more of her own content and adding features—including a collection of her favorite recipes—that she felt her fans would enjoy. She wanted there to be something for everyone.

“What I’m doing online,” she tells us, “no one else is doing right now. I like glamour and beauty, so even if I’m fucking myself with a dildo, it’s going to be very cinematic.”

The unique aesthetic of Ariel’s sites—which combines ideas from classic glamour shoots, Japanese anime, and rock ’n’ roll—has lured in women and couples, in addition to the scores of men who follow her online exploits. “There are fans who really interact with me online, and those people are awesome,” she says. “But some just want to get in, jerk off, and get out, and that’s okay, too.”

Pleasing horny men and running a porn empire wasn’t always the plan. Her first love, Ariel admits, is the theater. When she realized acting wasn’t going to be the most profitable career, she headed to college, majoring in fashion design. When she needed cash, she started working in a local sex shop, and one thing led to another. “An amateur photographer approached me at work one day and asked if I’d do a shoot with him,” she tells us. “After that I did some webcamming, but that didn’t last long. It did, however, allow me to meet a ton of girls and photographers, and I started modeling a lot more. I realized I liked doing it. It’s fun to see my inner femme fatale come out during a shoot, and I like showing off for the camera. Most of all, I love seeing the results, especially when I get to see my photos online or in magazines. It’s a rush.”

Ariel often finds herself doing quick 30-minute shoots of an idea that’s popped into her head. She admits that the photos that appear here came about in much the same way. “A fan had sent me these adorable panties from Penthouse, and I decided I needed to shoot in
them,” she explains. “I had so much fun shooting that set. Afterward, I decided to send the photos to Penthouse. It’s always been a dream of mine to shoot for the magazine, and I figured, What the hell? Then I got the call that my photos were going to run. I couldn’t believe it.”

When Ariel isn’t starring in her fans’ fantasies, she’s working with other gorgeous girls. “Honestly, one of the best parts of my job is looking at all the hot naked girls,” she says. “It’s definitely a pleasure.”

She’s not kidding, folks. Ariel doesn’t simply like looking at girls for work; she’s attracted to them in her everyday life as well. “Sometimes I like butchy girls, sometimes more girlie girls,” she says. “I like a girl with a nice butt. That’s definitely a turn-on. Too hairy a pussy is a breaking point, though.” Even her favorite fantasy involves other women: having a ladies-only orgy. “I’ve never done it, but I want to,” she admits. “It’s on my list.”

Also on Ariel’s list is internet domination. In addition to updating her comic with new stories and redesigning her website, Ariel wants to start a video series where she teaches men how to woo women, with life tips and cooking lessons. “I want to show men how to be sexy,” she tells us. “And men who can cook—that’s sexy.”

The panties Ariel is modeling are no longer available, but check out other sexy options at

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