Mile High ClubJoining the Mile-High Club is a common fantasy for porn stars and Penthouse models, and one that many of them have lived out. Who better to share their wisdom, stories, and fantasies?
By Greg Hudock

I joined the Mile-High Club on a flight to Italy in first class. Everyone else was sleeping.”
August 2008 Pet of the Month Jessica Jaymes

The sexual vibe is definitely higher on a red-eye flight, and the other passengers are likely to sleep, meaning they won’t ruin your fun. Plus, the flight attendants make fewer trips down the aisle to check on passengers when most of them
are sleeping. But the real reason why nighttime is the right time is that outside air temperatures are cooler than during the day, which means less turbulence. Less turbulence makes for better sex, especially if you’re crammed into a tiny airplane lavatory.

If you’re hoping to join the Mile-High Club, wear clothes that allow for easy access. You don’t want to call attention to yourself in the heat of the moment by struggling with your belt or trying to free your dick. Wear loose-fitting pants, jeans, or sweats so you don’t have to pull them down much if you go for it in your seat—or even decent-looking, plain-colored pajama-style pants. Women should wear a dress or skirt, either without panties or with a thong or G-string that can be pulled aside easily.

Getting wasted is a prerequisite to flying for many people, but limit yourself to two drinks if you’re hoping for some in-flight action. Since this is a time for fast and furious fucking, you don’t want alcohol to affect your ability to perform. If you’re concerned that you’ll be too nervous to get it up, pop a Viagra or Cialis beforehand.

The level of foreplay you need depends on what you’re hoping to get away with, and what kind of mood your girl is in. If you plan on a handjob or blowjob in your seat, you won’t need to rev her engine beforehand, but she’s got to be feeling pretty bold. Even if she’s into the idea before you get on the plane, she might get nervous once you’re in the air, which means you’ll have to get her excited—or get her off first. Drape a blanket over your laps and let your hands wander until she’s ready to take you to heaven. If you’re planning to apply for membership in the restroom, get the
temperature as high as possible while you’re in your seats, so you’re ready to hit that when you hit the head.

You’re in-flight and primed and ready. Decide which bathroom you’ll use and go there one at a time, with a few minutes’ gap in between. Passengers won’t notice you both going into the same lavatory behind all the seats, but these are the ones in view of the flight attendants, who sit back there when things are quiet. Go while they’re busy passing out snacks and drinks.

You planned it out, built the mood, and timed it right. Now it’s time to enjoy it. There are three basic sex positions that work well in an airplane bath room: standing doggie-style, with her leaning over the toilet; face-to-face, with her sitting on the sink and you standing; and cowgirl, with you on the john and her straddling you. One size does not fit all, though. What works best depends on how big, tall, and flexible the two of you are. Have fun figuring out which is the best fit for you.

After you come, wrap the condom in a paper towel and throw it in the trash; don’t flush it. Again, head back to your seats one at a time, with a small gap in between. Act normal—and just wink at the flight attendant if she looks at you suspiciously.

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