Movie 43
Movie 43
Emma Stone, Terrence Howard, Kate Winslet, Gerard Butler

It’s saddled with possibly the worst title ever devised by highly paid marketers, but this comedy could benefit from being released during the doldrums of January—that, plus an abundance of hard-R smuttiness, as promised by a viral red-band trailer. A loose collection of shorts linked by their defiantly un-PC punch lines, Movie 43 puts an impressive—and impressively large—cast through uncomfortable paces: Stone curses men with her embarrassing HPV, Anna Faris sweetly asks a sex partner to take a dump on her, Naomi Watts plays the swearingest mom ever, and Butler is cast as a balls-smashing leprechaun. Need more? How about Hustle & Flow’s Howard as a basketball coach who judges his team not by the content of their game but by the color of their skin: “You’re black, they’re white—this ain’t hockey!” There’s enough offensiveness here to distract you from extraneous elements like the absence of a plot.

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