Add extra life to dusty games with these feature packed expansions.
By Crispin Boyer

The holiday season brings a bounty of blockbuster games that you simply must play right now! Titles that were hot two months ago, meanwhile, wind up behind the couch buried under lost Netflix DVDs. Or, you can revitalize your favorite old games with downloadable content that won’t break the bank.

Game Changers
(XBOX 360, PS3, PC) $12.50
Everything faded to black for gadget-enhanced hero Adam Jensen at a particular point in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, leaving players to ponder what they had missed. This appropriately named expansion fills that gap, delivering roughly five hours of gameplay that stays true to the series’ anything-goes formula, and letting players experiment with different approaches to completing missions. Jensen will traverse all-new cyberpunkedout environments and encounter characters not in the main game. In fact, playing through Human Revolution isn’t crucial to understanding the storyline in The Missing Link.
Game Changers
(PS3) $15
This stand-alone scenario for the openworld superhero adventure inFAMOUS 2 poses a question right out of a Twilight fangirl’s Trapper Keeper: What if megawattwielding protagonist Cole MacGrath were bitten by a vampire? With his soul on the line, MacGrath has just one night to find and kill the boss bloodsucker, who’s hiding somewhere in the city of New Marais. Hordes of lesser vampires prowl gothic streets and roof tops, giving our undead hero lots of opportunities to test electrifying new powers.
Game Changers
(XBOX 360, PS3, PC) $12.50
Leave it to a zombie outbreak to breathe new life into the year-old first-person shooter. This zanily spelled map pack replaces Black Ops’ serious Cold War story with a mission to a Moon base that’s been overrun by the recently deceased. Blast zombies in lunar gravity with experimental weaponry that has explosive—and often hilarious—results in the vacuum of space. Along with the new Moon setting, Rezurrection also includes four zombie-themed maps from previous Black Ops’ expansions.
Game Changers
(XBOX 360, PS3, PC) FREE
Just when you thought it was safe to slip into the vegetative state encouraged by most games, developer Valve has unleashed an expansion pack for its brain-straining master piece. The downloadable content includes new topsy-turvy test chambers that—like those in the main game—you can escape only by thinking outside the three dimensional box. Other extras include leader boards and solo/multiplayer challenge modes, making this an unbelievable value for its price. Oh, did we mention it’s free?
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