Late Love

Late Love
Rating: Late LoveLate LoveLate Love

In winter, there are parts of Norway that see mere hours of sunlight per day. We’re not sure, but it sounds like those are the parts that produced Wolves Like Us, a quartet of Nordic ax men whose grungy bluster veils a fjord-size heartbreak lurking underneath. On swaggering, big-bottomed cuts like “Old Dirty Paranoia” and “We Speak in Tongues,” frontman Lars Kristensen’s menacing but clear voice cuts through the post-punk haze like a blast of arctic air. “Secret Handshakes” suggests that there’s some soft-packed snow below the ice. As his band eschews metal sludge for minor-chord riffage, Kristensen bellows like a bluesman over a deal gone wrong—either with a woman, the devil, or both.

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