The Whole Love

The Whole Love
Rating: The Whole LoveThe Whole Love

Sure, everyone likes Wilco, but does anyone love them? Since their critically adored fourth album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, set the world—or at least the NPR listening world—on fire in 2002, the Chicago band’s brand of amiable Americana has proven to be dependably respectable. By opening their eighth studio album with the squalling, spacey “Art of Almost,” leader Jeff Tweedy appears, for a moment, ready to shake things up. But no: The Whole Love quickly settles back down, with the chummy choogle of “I Might” blend ing tastefully with the soft-pop shuffle of “Dawned on Me.” This perpetual politeness is pleasant, but stultifying: On “Open Mind,” it’s hard to tell if Tweedy is wooing a woman or merely bragging about his fav or ite used-book shop.

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