Included in this month’s Issue of Penthouse Magazine, February 2009

Lexi Blade is our Penthouse Pet of the Month, February 2009!

Million Dollar Baby – Cindy Dollar
The Sky’s the Limit – Pet of the Month Lexi Blade
Three’s Company – Britney, Georgia, and Lindsay
Joy to the World – International Pet Joy Pimrawin, our 2007 Thai Pet of the Year
Fine Dining – Anetta and Zuzana

Penthouse Top 40 – …Surprise sex toys.
Kind of Hearts – Charm your girl on Valentine’s Day.
The 27 Year Old Virgin – One man’s quest to get laid.
Hard News – Testicle festivals, the lingerie bowl, and how to become a porn stud.
Warrior Wire – A Marine sergeant’s ultimate sacrifice leads to controversy.
Bachelor Party Patrol: Portland – America’s strip-club capital.
Letting the CAT Out of the Bag – Learn the Coital Alignment Technique.
Dear Dr. Z – What women love to hear.

Full Frontal:
Revealing Entertainment
DVDs – Guy Rithchie’s RocknRolla, and Paris Hilton in Repo! The Genetic Opera.
Reads – Perez Hilton commits Red Carpet Suicide.
Sirens – Boogeyman 3′s Erin Cahill.
Flicks – The International, with Clive Owen, and a new Friday the 13th.
TV – Rhys Darby of Flight of the Conchords.
Joystick – Street Fighter IV, and teh sex filled BoneTown.
Ink, Inc. – Kat Von D is High Voltage.
Sounds – Franz Ferdinand, Lily Allen, and more.

Life On Top:
Shred in Style – The coolest gear for the slopes..
Driving Force – The Lexus ISF.
Freewheelin’ – Triumph’s Street Triple R.
Stroke Yourself – Reward your good behavior.
Pet Peeves – Lexie Karlsen.
Scoundrel – The Valentine’s Day breakup.
The Pour House – Italian wine guide.

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