Penthouse Magazine May 2009

Included in this month’s Issue of Penthouse Magazine, May 2009

Lexxi Tyler is our Penthouse Pet of the Month, May 2009!

Taya Parker – Our Pet of the Year is also our Rock of Love
Absolutely Fabulous – Pet of the Month Lexxi Tyler
Lounging Around – Zafira & Cindy
Down on the Farm – Sophia Lynn
Spring Fling – Isobel & Taylor

Penthouse Top 40 – Reality-show moments that make us proud to be prime-time voyeurs. By Kara Wahlgren
Rock of Love’s Big John – Bret Michael’s right-hand man is interviewed by Pet of the Year Taya Parker.
Plum Smuggler – Thomas Lennon has been an actor, writer, and sketch comic. But he’s just getting started. By John Bolster
Mongol Rally, Part One – A fearsome auto “race” that spans 9,000 miles, 18 countries, and 5 weeks. Breakdowns expected. Disaster desired. By John Rico
10 Steps into the Woods – If you’re heading into the wilderness, take it one step at a time. By Gregg Stebben
Bakers Dozen, Dude – Thirteen scenarios in which weed makes it possible to access your feminine side without repercussion. By Drew Magary
Tightly Tucked – Erotic Fiction by Alison Taylor

Full Frontal:
Revealing Entertainment
Flicks – The Star Trek reboot.
DVDs – The original Trek.
Sounds – Hip-hop icon Lil Wayne goes rock on Rebirth.
Joystick – Will Arnett and Neil Patrick Harris voice Eat Lead.
Reads – A look at In-N-Out Burger.

Life On Top:
Burn, Baby, Burn! – Fire up the grill, and go beyond the standard burgers and dogs.
Driving Force – Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution.
Pet Peeves – Tori Black.
Live and Learn – Can grooming the boys lead to better blowjobs?
Scoundrel – Meat-free zone.
The Pour House – The mint julep.

Hard News
Illustrated Forum
Dear Dr. Z
X-Rated Video
Peep Show

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