Penthouse Magazine November 2009

Included in the November 2009 Issue of Penthouse Magazine

Yumi Kai is our Penthouse Pet of the Month, November 2009!

Crossing the Line – Lindsay Marie
Doctor Feelgood – Pet of the Month Yumi Kai
Wet and Wild – Sasha & Natalie
Brown-eyed Girl – Natasha Nielsen
On-the-Job Training – Renee & Asa

Gametime – John Rocker and me. By Jeff Pearlman
The Barbaric Ballet – Bullfighting may be on its way out, but it’s not going quietly. By Jonah Keri
Mix Master – Reggie Watts blends music and mischief in his one-of-a-kind stand-up. By John Bolster
Can’t Catch ‘Em All – We sort through the pre-holiday madness to find the best videogames around. By Rebecca Swanner
My Best Part-Time Job – X-rated adventures in babysitting.As told by Ronnie Koenig
Bathhouse Blues – The worst recession job ever. By Sean M. Miller
Let’s Zap the Electric Car! – We’ll stick with gas, thank you very much. By Brian O’Connor
Philly Cheesecake – The Penthouse Club debuts in Philadelphia. By Cheryl Gomez and Lainie Speiser
Bedtime Stories – “Guilty Pleasure.” Erotic fiction by Elizabeth Coldwell
Parting Shot – A mash note to Mad Men’s Christina Hendrick’s

Full Frontal:
Revealing Entertainment
Flicks – Horror/comedy Zombieland.
Sounds – Buffalo hardcore band Every Time I Die.
Joystick – Are porn videogames sexy?
Reads – Chuck Klosterman’s newest book.

Life On Top:
Freewheelin’ – Aprilla’s Dorsoduro.
Driving Force – Toyota Prius.
Tech – Great new gadgets.
Pet Peeves – Charlie Laine.
Scoundrel – Makes sure women know which team you play for.
The Pour House – Drambuie redesigned.

Hard News
Peep Show
Dear Dr. Z
X-Rated Video
Illustrated Forum

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