April 2010 Penthouse Magazine

Included in this month’s Issue of Penthouse Magazine, May 2010

Roxanna is our Penthouse Pet of the Month, May 2010!

Warrior Princess – Cody Love
From Russia with Love – Pet of the Month Roxanna
A Shot of Yeager – Markesa Yeager
Happy Campers – Angel & Antonia
Kalifornication – Danni Kalfornia

The Talented Mr. Ripley – You may not know director Ridley Scott’s name, but you know his movies. Interview by Craig Modderno
Gametime – The greatest studs, role players, and upsets in NBA playoff history. By John Bolster
Blood Sport – Bolivia’s incredibly violent Tinku is not your typical tourist attraction. By Leonid Plotkin
Fuck-It List – Sex That’s Worth the Trip. By Victoria Zdrok, Ph. D.
Ticas for the Taking – In Costa Rica, there’s always a new girl to replace the old one. By Joe Diamond
Bang-Up Job – Johnny Galecki might prove that nice guys finish first. Interview by Kara Wahlgren
Babes, BBQ, and Bourbon – Louisville is a hell of a place for any binge – and then you can take in the sights. By William Spain

Full Frontal:
Revealing Entertainment
Flicks – Robin Hood, Iron Man 2..
Babewatch: Film Fest Edition – World-class booty really makes a prestigious movie competition sizzle.
TV – A new documentary about the Doors.
Sounds – MGMT’s Congratulations.
Joystick – Alan Wake; 2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa.
Reads – Off the Set: Porn Stars and Their Partners

Life On Top:
10 Excercises for Super Sex – A workout guaranteed to boost performance.
Tech – New gear for spring break and summer vacation.
Driving Force – The Fisker Karma plug-in hybird.
The Goods – Travel essentials.
Scoundrel – Sometimes there’s a reason she seems too good to be true.

Pet Projects
Sex Ed.
Illustrated Forum
X-Rated Video
Parting Shot

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