October  2010 Penthouse Magazine

Included in this month’s Issue of Penthouse Magazine, October 2010

Nina James is our Penthouse Pet of the Month, October 2010!

Naughty Poli – Polina Shalamanova
She’s Got Legs – Pet of the Month Nina James
Czech Her Out – Eufrat
Love in the Afternoon – Madelyn & Laurie
American Beauty – Anya Rose

2010 NFL Preview – We predict the unpredictable. By Peter Schrager
Scare Tactics – These movie extras playing zombies and thugs – prove that being in the background doesn’t mean taking a backseat to the action. By Megan McMorris
Country Boy – An interview with chart-topping singer songwriter Dierks Bentley. By Alanna Nash
Shit My Dad Says – “I’m 29. I live with my 74-year-old dad. He is awesome. I just write down shit that he says.” By Justin Halpern
Nothing’s Shocking – Sex icon and rock guitarist Dave Navarro takes your questions.
Stand-Up Guys – Jon Glaser can hide his identity, but his comic sensibility comes through loud and clear. Interview by John Bolster
Warrior Wire – Deep in Afghanistan, our soldiers are fighting for their lives against an enemy that grows stronger every day. By John Cantlie
Sex and the Supernatural – For some people, sex with regular humans is just not enough. By Nick Redfern
Parting Shot – Past Perfect: An appreciation of Angie Dickinson.

Full Frontal:
Revealing Entertainment
Joystick – Halo: Reach and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.
Flicks – Buried, The Social Network, and other previews.
TV – New fall shows.
DVDs – The Larry Sanders Shows.
Sounds – Legendary punk Greg Graffin celebrates 30 years in music.
Reads – A Bumfight video star’s memoir.

Life On Top:
Driving Force – The Spyker Aileron.
Freewheelin’ – Aprilia’s RSV4.
Tech – Bewitching gear, sweeter then Halloween candy.
Scoundrel – How to hook up with the perfect Halloween treat.
The Pour House – Looking for a classy date drink? Try barrel beer.

Hard News
Sex Ed.
Illustrated Forum
X-Rated Video

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