Penthouse Magazine July - August 2011

Included in this Issue of Penthouse Magazine, July-August 2011

Kiara Diane is our Penthouse Pet of the Month, July 2011!

Georgia Jones is our Penthouse Pet of the Month, August 2011!

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Jonesing for BiBi
BiBi Jones

Don’t Fence Her In
July Pet of the Month Kiara Diane

Georgia on Our Mind
August Pet of the Month Georgia Jones

Ain’t They a Pair
Dani & Sabrina

Wet Hot Summer


2011 American Badass List
Celebrating our nation’s latest heroes, as well as the rogues and renegades who define our greatness.

Everyday Badasses
We all have our badass moments. Even you. By Drew Magary

The World’s Most Badass Festivals
The ten weirdest, wildest, wackiest international traditions. By Kara Wahlgren

Nothing’s Shocking
Rock star Dave Navarro takes your questions.

Finding My Inner Killer
Can I actually go hand to hand with history’s fiercest fighters? By Harmon Leon

The Final Outlaw
Singer-songwriter Jamey Johnson’s misery is on display so that others can feel better about their own. Interview by Alanna Nash

Rocky Mountain Low
Six city slickers learn basic camping lessons the hard way. By Jonah Keri

Ask an Escort
Are you ready to indulge your sexiest fantasies? Here’s how to do so successfully. By Alex Lieberman

Bedtime Stories
"A Secret King," erotic fiction by Sommer Marsden Girls of Summer Our guide to this year’s hottest easy livin’. By joe Diamond

Full Frontal

Revealing Entertainment

Megadeth’s classic Peace Sells … But Who’s Buying? gets a 25th-anniversary update.

Steve-O’s new memoir.

Captain America, Cowboys & Aliens, Project Nim.

An interview with actor John Slattery.

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge and other previews.

Life on Top


Gear that’s so cutting-edge it requires adult supervision.

Driving Force
Chevy’s Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle.

Guided Tour
Phoenix always sizzles, but when the All-Star Game comes to town, even more sparks will fly.

Connect with your inner honey badger.

The Pour House
Fiery cocktails to get you hot and bothered.

The Pour House



Sex Ed.

X-Rated Video

Parting Shot

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