Penthouse Magazine May 2011

Included in this month’s Issue of Penthouse Magazine, June 2011

Eden Adams is our Penthouse Pet of the Month, June 2011!

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Brooklyn’s Finest
Lena D.

Garden of Eden
Pet of the Month Eden Adams

Passion Pastels
Chikita & Carmen

Video Vixen
Aleska Diamond


Body Work
The Amazing WaterBottle Workout is no joke. Bottles are available everywhere, and they work aas fitness tools. By Jason S. Greenspan and Lee Noonan

Bernard King, one of the NBA’s greatest scorers, is criminally underappreciated. By John Bolster

Keep Them Doggies Rollin’
Times Square’s Naked Cowboy ropes in tourists, as well as six figures a year in tips. By Jeff Pearlman

Leveling the Playing Field
According to some invisible measuring stick, I’m short. Can I stop my height from holding me back? By Chris Illuminati

No Ordinary Joe
Joe Nichols hit the big time in 2002, but he’s still on his way to becoming a household name. Interview by Alanna Nash

Warrior Wire
John Wordin is committed to helping disabled veterans change their future. By Peter Laufer

Here’s the Bad News, Son
How can I protect my child from a world that lives inside of me? By Steve Almond

Nothing’s Shocking
Rock star Dave Navarro takes your questions.

Stand-Up Guys
Bill Burr expands into movies, TV, and podcasts. By Nick Firchau

Girls of Summer
Our guide to this year’s hottest easy livin’. By joe Diamond

Meet Your New Wingman
Marni Kinrys is 29, fun, and smokin’ hot. By Bobbi Dempsey

Porn Stars Need Not Apply
Why are this billion-dollar industry’s stars still being discriminated against? By Larry Getlen

Full Frontal

Revealing Entertainment

The Hangover Part II ups the ante, plsu other previews and reviews.

Backstage at Showtime’s The Green Room.

Seemingly endless apps promise to reinvent technology.

Artic Monkeys prove they were always for real, plus other reviews.

Life on Top

Guided Tour
You don’t have to be Eminem to appreciate the Motor City

Daytona roundup.

Gadgets that make the most of the great outdoor.

Mexico’s Playa de Carmen is a centrally located launchpad for action.

Picking up chicks on a nude beach? Here’s how to lower the perv factor.

The Pour House
Rum is reborn as a rarefied spirit worth the splurge.



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  • Bryantempio

    My girlfriend wants the bra (and or matching panties) Eden Adams is wearing on the cover of the June 2011 issue. Any one have any info?

  • bekir öztürk

    Hello   wery good 

  • Rabi


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