Penthouse Magazine October 2011

Included in this Issue of Penthouse Magazine, October 2011

Jenna Rose is our Penthouse Pet of the Month, October 2011!

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Sex Kitten Kane
Nikki Kane

La Vie en Rose
Jenna Rose

The Guccione Years
1995 Pet of the Year Gina LaMarca

Love at First Bite
Jana Jordan & Shyla Jennings

On the Prowl
Tiffany Thompson



We’re ready for some football, but is the NFL? We preview the upcoming season, but we looked for a couple of alternative pastimes, just in case. By Peter Schrager

Body of Work
Some artists think naked ladies can be improved upon with a layer of paint. By Jennifer Peters

Movie Mashups
"Director’s cut" DVDs are so twentieth century. "Fan edits" are what’s hot today. By Blaire R. Fischer

Everywhere Man
Tyler Labine has become the go-to sidekick for sci-fi shows. Now he’s invading the film world. By Kata Wahlgren

The Postmortal
In this new novel, Americans take advantage of a cure for aging in the most American way possible. By Drew Magary

Sexcursions: The Mile-High Club
Tips on getting a flying fuck. By Greg Hudock and Nick Redfern

Working Stiff
Clowning Around: A parttime career as a clown opens up a vast menu of sexual opportunities. By Kyle Dowling

Bidding Adieu
Taylor Morgan cashed in on her heartbreak with steamy photos. By Kara Wahlgren

Vap ‘Em If You’ve Got ‘Em
We take electronic cigarettes for a test drive. By Alexander Colby

Bedtime Stories
"Silver Screen," erotic fiction by Portia Da Costa

Full Frontal

Revealing Entertainment

A look at the new fall shows.

Drive, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, Jason Statham in Killer Elite.

Gears of War 3, F.E.A.R. 3, The Darkness II.

Star Wars: The Complete Saga and Scarface make their Blu-ray debuts.

Wilco continue to please, if notinspire.

Life on Top


Gear up for All Hallow’s Eve with tricky treats.

Driving Force

Chrysler’s Laramie Longhorn.


Motus, the new American sport bike.

Overcome your girl’s aversion to threesomes.

The Pour House
Strong and spooky Halloween potions.



Pet Projects

Penthouse Clubs

Sex Ed.

Parting Shot

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