Penthouse Magazine July-August 2012

Included in this Issue of Penthouse Magazine, July / August 2012

Heather Starlet is our Penthouse Pet of the Month, July 2012!

Nicole Aniston is our Penthouse Pet of the Month, August 2012!

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Bottoms Up
Emma Mae

Ready to Ride
July Pet of the Month Heather Starlet

Let Her Eat Cake
August Pet of the Month Nicole Aniston

Winning Hands
Katie K. and Alexis Texas

Spice is Nice
Pepper Kester


True Grit
Our 2012 American Badass List celebrates the warriors, heroes, and renegades who
make our country great.

Master Class

Important life skills from Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, and other cinematic badasses. By Ben Thompson

Nothing’s Shocking

Rock star Dave Navarro takes your questions.


Summer Olympics preview.
By Peter Schrager

Naked Olympics

Worldwide athletic competitions, nudist-style.
By Noah Davis

Quintuple Threat

The multitalented Mark Duplass of Your Sister’s Sister. By John Bolster

Tattoo You
Before you get inked, get schooled by a tattoo artist.
By Shane Enholm

Sex Ed.
All you never wanted to know about electrosex. By Martin Downs, M.P.H.

Full Frontal

Revealing Entertainment

Superheroes continue to dominate, with new Batman and Spider-Man installments.

We’ve got something for everyone: comedy, thriller, sci-fi sex, and more.

Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain discuss their love for America, You Sexy Bitch.


The most badass riffs in rock history, plus reviews.

New Spec Ops, Dark Souls, and more.

Life on Top

An unbreakable tablet, a zombie survival kit, and other rough and tough gear.

Driving Force
The Chevy Corvette.


Triumph’s Bonneville T100.

Guided Tour

The best of Kansas City’s nightlife.


How to go from doormat to devilishly desireable.

The Pour House
The comeback of rye whiskey.



Illustrated Forum

Parting Shot

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  • DavefromEngland

    I’m so pleased to see that Penthouse have made Heather Starlet their pet of the month for July, Heather in my opinion is one of the most gorgeous girls in the adult entertainment business today, and these images are some of the hottest and most erotic Heather.has ever posed for. She’s anamazing talent an exceptionally beautiful girl and an excellent performer. The industry is very lucky to have her, and we guys are privilidged to be able to admire her in all her stunning glory. Thanks Penthouse on an excellent choise and a fantastic photo shoot, Once again Penthouse proves to be number 1

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