Revamped: Great Games Made Better

By Crispin Boyer



Heroes of Might and Magic III HD
(iOS, Android, PC)

If you never lost weeks of your life to this beloved strategy classic—which had you raising armies and saving the realm from mythological beasts—here’s your chance to waste hours on the go with the graphically enhanced tablet version.


saints row

Saints Row 4: Re-Elected
Deep Silver
(Xbox One, PS4)

The most wide-open open-world game hits the next-gen consoles with its anything-goes Grand Theft Auto–inspired gameplay intact, except now with beautiful visuals to match the absurdity. When you finish, download the Gat Out of Hell expansion to continue the madness.


resident evilResident Evil: Revelations 2
(Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC)

Old characters and a new style of storytelling collide in this long-awaited return mission of series survivor Claire Redfield, now on a crusade to save the world from shambling horrors. The terrifying tale will be doled out in weekly episodes beginning in mid-February.


From the March 2015 issue of Penthouse