Joystick: Parallel Worlds
Take on some familiar foes in new ways in alternate universes.

By Crispin Boyer


WolfensteinWolfenstein: The Old Blood
Bethesda Softworks
(Xbox One, PS4, PC)

This prequel to last year’s gruesome first-person tour of Nazi atrocities is set on the eve of the Third Reich’s victory during an alternate-timeline World War II. Deploy deep behind enemy lines in Bavaria to snatch world domination from Hitler’s clutches.




Team up with four TV gladiators
and defend your missile silo against endless waves of mutants and boss monsters in this co-op strategy shooter—complete with sports-style commentary—set in a postapocalyptic Sweden of the third millennium.



StarDrive 2
Iceberg Interactive
(PC, Mac)

Design your own fleet and explore new galaxies in this deep-space strategy game. Your goal is to build a new empire—and then defend it from oddball aliens in real-time space battles and turn-based planet-side skirmishes.



From the June 2015 issue of Penthouse