Letters to Penthouse Volume 52: Dirty Girls and Sexy Toys

By the Editors of Penthouse Magazine


LttrstoPH52Letters to Penthouse Volume 52 is on sale now, available at major retailers

Toys aren’t just for the playroom anymore. These signature Penthouse stories will confirm that almost anything can get you off with a little imagination. Whether it’s solo or with a partner, a friend, or even a Dom, our hot and helpful little gadgets will give you with plenty of pleasure and good vibrations. Get ready for pocket rockets, whips and chains, and all types of rubber lovers. Strap on some fun, charge those batteries, and take a slippery trip to toyland that will leave you begging for more.


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Check out this teaser for a taste of what’s in store:

Two Girls and a Bag of Sex Toys Accompany Him to Bed

Last week my girlfriend, Heather, gave me the best gift I could ever imagine—and it wasn’t even my birthday. It was a Friday night, and she’d volunteered to prepare a romantic dinner for us. My cock was hard as I sat on the couch mindlessly watching TV, thinking about Heather in one of her notoriously short miniskirts, with no panties, as she’s wont to do. When we’re out, I’ve seen guys try to get a peek at her ass and then look disappointed when I put my arm around her. She’s a sex kitten if ever there was one, and I never know if she’s going to bring home a new vibrator she wants to show off or a friend to join us in bed. Last week she brought both sex toys and a hot girl for a threesome I will never forget.

When she got home, I heard giggling outside as she put her key in the lock. I wondered what she was laughing about, when I heard another voice join hers. The tinkling laugh was from her best friend, Ann, and my cock really perked up when I saw that they were draped all over each other. “Hi, honey, we’re home!” Heather called out as she ran over and leaped on top of me. She gave me a huge bear hug, then a lusty kiss, as if Ann weren’t even there. At first I thought it was a simple hello kiss, but when her tongue dove into my mouth and she ground her pussy against me, I got lost in her body and nearly forgot that we had a visitor. Then I felt another set of hands “helping” me out. It was Ann, who’d come closer and was cupping Heather’s breasts through her thin T-shirt.

“You don’t mind if Ann joins us, do you, baby?” asked Heather as her tongue swiped along my neck. I moaned as she writhed against me….