Almost two decades after appearing in Penthouse as the June 1993 Pet of the Month, I started writing for the magazine in the hope that one day I could profile my fellow Pets in my very own column. My dream has finally come true!

By Sam Phillips

I remember what a big deal it was when Taylor Wane’s pictorial was published in June 1994; she was the first famous porn star that the magazine ever honored as a centerfold, which paved the way for many other adult actresses. Bob Guccione himself picked the British beauty as Pet of the Month, telling the photographer, Laurien, “Some girls have it, and some girls don’t. This girl has it.”




Taylor started out as a glamour model in the U.K. in 1988, then parlayed that fame into adult superstardom, becoming a multi-award-winning performer and an AVN, Legends of Erotica, and XRCO Hall of Fame inductee. She has her own sex-toy line with Nasstoys, and currently runs her own production company, Taylor Wane Entertainment, as well as her websites,,, and

Despite her ongoing accomplishments, Taylor told us being a Pet was her crowning achievement, saying, “It was one of the greatest moments of my entire career to see my face on the cover of Penthouse magazine.” And thanks to her photos, more than the British were coming.


28 Random Facts About Me That Few People Know, by Taylor Wane
1. I hold the unofficial World Record for Most Amount of Kama Sutra positions performed (with penetration at all times) in less than 60 seconds. The original record was about 18, and I did 23. That was shot for a British TV series called The Unofficial World Records of Sex.
2. I have seen the Bruce Lee movie Enter the Dragon about 100 times.
3. I was a punk rocker when I was a teenager and once drew an eight-foot Sid Vicious on my best friend’s bedroom wall.
4. I like to take baths with rubber duckies.
5. I went to secretarial college. I used to do shorthand, and I was a superfast typist. The fast typing came in very handy when I was doing webcam shows.
6. I like to work out at the gym very late at night.
7. I have a button phobia. They freak me out!
8. I used to be a seamstress, and I make my own gowns, and sometimes bed covers, pillows, cushion covers, and doggy clothes. I once sold one of my evening gowns to another adult star for an awards event. It was a gorgeous jade-green hand-beaded lace gown.
XMAS39. I have a massive Barbie doll collection, mostly the limited-edition or special-edition Fashionistas dolls.
10. I have a boot and shoe fetish, and I have hundreds of pairs of designer shoes and boots, most of which I do not wear. I just keep them in their original boxes and take them out to look at every once in a while.
11. I once went to Japan to see Hello Kitty World [aka Sanrio Puroland]. It was closed while I was there.
12. I dressed up for a Lady Gaga concert in a costume I saw her wearing in a fashion magazine: simply panty hose, platform shoes, a bikini top, and a wig with a Keroppi Hasunoue toy strapped to it. I was the only person in a costume.
13. The Marines flew a flag for me in a foreign country and awarded it to me.
14. I like to shoot guns.
15. I’m obsessed with hiking and always take my dogs with me.
16. For 80 percent of my career I produced my own photo and video shoots, including my two Penthouse layouts. I owned a production studio and personally shot countless photo layouts of adult stars that were published in a host of magazines, includ­ing Aria Giovanni for Girls of Penthouse in June 2006.
cooking17. I love to cook any kind of food, and cook every day—every meal from scratch.
18. I recorded some original music several years back, and sang my song “Cry Baby Cry” live on The Howard Stern Show.
19. I love latex clothing, and used to wear it out as nightwear just because I love how it feels.
LatexNurse20. I love dressing up as a nurse (in fetish clothing), and not just to do a prostate exam. Or maybe it is.
21. I had my own comic strip called “VamptriX.”
22. My favorite author is Ayn Rand, and I used to attend  Ayn Rand lectures. I always stuck out like a sore thumb.
23. As a kid I had two pet rats called Hulk and Fred. They shared an outdoor house with my pet rabbit, Fluffy.
24. I had a huge stamp collection as a kid. I was a total dork! And I was a tomboy until I was about 17. I never wore makeup or skirts and dresses.
25. I broke my wrist three times doing crazy dares, climbing trees, and jumping off rooftops.
26. I was always an A student at school, and a teacher’s pet.
27. I was scheduled to get a tattoo on the show Inked but chickened out at the last minute, and my friend got the tat instead. It was the painting Olivia [De Berardinis] did of me. It was awesome!
28. I appeared on many TV shows, but the one that got me the most attention was Wipeout. My back hurt for two years after that show!















From the March 2015 issue of Penthouse