Samantha Bentley

August 2015 Penthouse Pet of the Month

August 2015 Pet of the Month Samantha Bentley

August 2015 Pet of the Month Samantha Bentley

Vital stats:
32DD-24-32; 5’4”
27 years old.

London, England.

Your favorite thing about your hometown:
The history, the culture, the vibe. I’ve lived there my whole life. It has my heart.

Your favorite vacation spot:
Norway or Venice, Italy. They’re mind-blowing in completely different ways.

Your dream vacation spot:
Iceland. I want to see the Northern Lights more than anything!

What’s your secret talent?
I play classical piano.

Who’s your favorite superhero?
Wolverine. He’s definitely a badass.

What makes someone a badass?
Giving no fucks and doing what they want, taking control, giving the middle finger to the world, living without rules. Like me. I can’t be tamed.

Who’s the most badass character on Game of Thrones?
Daenerys Targarean. She’s a queen, and she knows what she wants. Girl power!

What celebrities do you admire?
Any and all female bosses and women on top who take control of their careers.

Your favorite way to work out:
Yoga or sex.

Your favorite way to relax:
Yoga or sex.

Your favorite fantasy:
Public sex, the thrill of getting caught.

What do you consider kinky?
I love being dominated. I think that’s quite kinky. In my day-to-day life I’m in control of everything. In the bedroom, I want my man in control.


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