Are men intimidated by women who are as successful or as ambitious as they are?

Some are, for sure. Me? I like a woman who has her own direction and friends and life and goals and work-related ventures. Some guys don’t like a more successful woman, as it can make them feel inferior and not in control. I suppose it can be intimidating for some men, but the ones who are proud of their successful partner and believe in her dreams and aspirations are the ones to look for. I guess many men don’t realize that a relationship with a career-driven woman allows plenty of time for him to do his stuff—whether it’s playing the PS3, having poker nights, or getting his own work done.

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  • DirkDiggler371

    I think sucessful women are hot! I got flooded out of my job here in nashville, and Uncle Barack sent me to school, so my job is to pass my classes. I have not intention of sitting on my butt while she works!nPS You look pretty good too, dude, and I’m sure my gf thinks so as well! We both read every issue of penthouse from cover to cover!

  • Info@webdiced.com

    Is this about whether you are or general population? I really don’t think it is a gender issue.

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