What’s the best strategy for men after sleeping with a woman they like? I don’t want to call her 24/7 and look like a needy freak, but at the same time I want to indicate to her that it’s not a one-night thing. And I don’t want to lose the “bad-boy” vibe by being sensitive and showing my true colors.

That’s a tough one. But for me? I just say how I feel and don’t worry about how I might look. It’s all hard enough without adding a guessing game into the mix. If I’m into being single, I like to make that clear before the sex. If I’m interested in something more, I am pretty straightforward. Say it, but don’t keep saying it. You don’t want to suffocate anyone. Maybe something as simple as, “Whenever you’re ready, I’d like to take this to the next level.” Leave it at that. It’s either meant to be or not, but you will never be able to force it. Knowing that at the onset and accepting it is the key to personal sanity in this process. Good luck!

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