Do men prefer big or small breasts?

I’m sure you can imagine that if you ask a group of men that question, you will find yourself with a multitude of answers. There is no one answer. Everybody likes what he likes. I will answer this for myself, to give you an idea of where my personal taste lies. For me, it is a simple rule: Real, little to medium; fake, big. I don’t have an issue with size at all, just what they’re made up of. However, if I’m really into the girl, it doesn’t matter at all. On a purely superficial level, I am not a huge fan of big real breasts. They flop all over and fall into the arms and just seem like a huge mess to me. I type this with a smile because it sounds funny, but it also happens to be true. I like a firm-and-in-place set that is visually pleasing as well as functional. Visual stimulation in the bedroom is as important to me as the physical.

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