I really like this guy I’m seeing, but it seems that all he has time for is a once-a-week romp. Should I move on and find someone who wants more sex, even though I really want to be with this guy?

If I were in your situation and the roles were reversed, I would most certainly move on. When our needs are not being met, it’s a breeding ground for resentment, jealousy, anger, fear, and insecurity. Such ugliness. Things are bound to deteriorate when partners have different goals and desires when it comes to the relationship. Whether it’s sex, the ability to listen, an interest in spending personal time together, or something else, the fact remains that you are unsatisfied. I recommend a discussion prior to delivering any ultimatums though, to see if there’s a solution. If you find that you’re simply two people with different goals, there is no shame in that. Mov ing on is the best move. Remember not to assign blame, as there really isn’t a correct way of coexisting here. It would simply appear that you have one idea of how things should be, while he has another.

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