Why don’t some girls like swallowing? I always feel a little let down when they don’t.

I guess it’s just a personal preference. I don’t know. For me? I honestly don’t care what they do with it. Swallow it, spit it out, spill it into a tissue or a glass by the bed…. All are good as far as I’m concerned. I know some men like to see their partner swallow, so I’m not speaking for the masses, but for me, as long as the ejaculate isn’t in my system anymore I don’t take issue. Let’s be honest, we aren’t shooting porn here. The girl was kind enough to take your penis into her mouth for what probably seemed like an eternity, and had to utilize her stamina, strength, and coordination to complete the service. She’s working her head, mouth, neck, tongue, hands, etc. Must be exhausting. I think I can cut her a break after all is said and done. If she wants to swallow, that’s fine of course, but I’m really not counting on it. This may be due to the fact that almost instantly after ejaculation I’m already thinking about throwing on Dateline and getting lost in a pint of ice cream.

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  • zachlen

    Most guys do it better. Thats a fact.

  • Nunyabiz

    Because it tastes like shit… Have any of these guys tried their own jizz before? I’d bet not… But in general…. It tastes disgusting. Unless the tongue is coated in something special to mask the flavor OR they’re so hyped up in the moment that they or their partner getting off on the act of watching swallowing, well then they’ll do it regardless. But whining like a little bitch, begging, forcing, guilt tripping, etc is just the biggest damn turn off ever that I can imagine and nothing makes me not want to go along and do something for someone than begging, whining and getting po’d. Especially after this person, as Dave puts it, just busted ass pleasuring you to your hearts content and their neck, jaw, etc is in pain… You get the picture. My advice, make your idea known to your partner but don’t go expecting anything, just let things happen.

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