Traveling shouldn’t be complicated, but you’ll encounter plenty of obstacles just trying to get through airport security. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some items that’ll make your next trip a breeze. Bon voyage!
By Deirdre Goldbeck

Revolution jacket: $175; Travel Vest: $100

This company’s attention grabbing ads advising travelers to “beat the system” and “avoid baggage fees” were almost as unique as the multipocketed clothing it produces.

The SeV Revolution jacket has an amazing 26 pockets, including some with clear-touch interiors for electronics, and even one that’ll house an iPad. It’s completely waterproof yet breathable, and has magnetic closures and a removable hood and sleeves. The special no bulge design keeps the jacket lines smooth, even if you use all the pockets. Best of all, just take off the jacket and you’ll sail through security, unlike the poor saps who have to empty their pockets of cameras, change, glasses, keys, MP3 players, and so on. The Travel Vest is water- and stain-repellent, and boasts 22 pockets. It has the same no-bulge design, with designated pockets for electronics and other specialty items. The Revolution comes in black, and the Travel Vest comes in black, red rock, and desert sand. Both are machine washable and come in a range of sizes, from small to extra-extra-extra-large.

VIOlight travel toothbrush sanitizer
VIOlight travel toothbrush sanitizer • $30

Leaving your toothbrush unprotected is an open invita tion to every airborne con taminant within a six-foot radius. VIOlight’s travel toothbrush comes in a compact case with a sanitizing UV light that remains on for six minutes, eliminating 99 percent of germs. You can replace the toothbrush with any that fits in the case, or use it with the brush head from your electric toothbrush. It runs on two AA batteries; the UV bulb lasts up to 2,000 hours.
Samsonite Compressor carry-on
Samsonite Compressor carry-on • Premier carry-on: $300; Travel Sentry card key lock: $15

The Compressor is a 21-inch carry-on that you can stuff to the gills with everything you need. Once you’ve filled it, close the lid and press down to compress the bag to the regulation carry-on size. It has in-line skate wheels for easy transport, a telescopic handle, and leather carry handles. Weight restrictions? What weight restrictions? The TSA-recognized keyless security lock operates with the swipe of a hole-punched card. Each lock is made of tough zinc alloy and comes with two cards: wallet- and key-chainsize.

The locks come in bright colors like neon green and pagoda blue, or more traditional hues like black, red pepper, and silver. Just think—no more forgotten combinations or lost keys.

Balanzza digital scale
Balanzza digital luggage scale • $25

When it comes to packing, a few extra pounds can easily translate into a lot of extra bucks. Take the surprise out of airport check-ins and tip the scales in your favor with this mini lightweight digital scale. Just fasten the strap to your bag, lift, and listen for the beep. Set the bag down and read the display. The scale itself weighs just over three pounds and will display weights up to 100 pounds. Take it with you if you’re thinking about picking up a few souvenirs.
Klean Kanteen wide-mouth insulated bottle
Klean Kanteen wide-mouth insulated bottle • 20 ounce: $28; 16 ounce: $26; 12 ounce: $23

This double-walled, BPAfree, stainless-steel bottle is perfect for keeping things at just the right temperature. Hot stuff stays steaming for six hours and cold things stay frosty for 24 hours. The wide-mouth opening lets you load it up with food, and makes it easy to clean. And don’t worry about spills—swap the café cap for the loop cap (shown below) and it’s leakproof.
Dakine waterproof duffle
Dakine waterproof duffle • $110

Whether your itinerary includes deep-sea fishing off the coast of Maine or a rum-filled pirate cruise in the Caribbean, this roomy duffle with waterproof welded seams and a roll-top closure will ensure your dry goods stay dry. It’s made of sturdy 420-denier polyurethane-coated nylon, has an external zippered compartment, measures 23 by 16 by 12 inches (that’s 4,600 cubic inches), weighs two pounds, and comes in blue or charcoal.
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