Touch-tech devices are great, but how do you avoid frostbite while texting your buddy about the hot girl you hooked up with the night before? With touch-screen-friendly gloves, of course. Winter, meet your match.
By Rebecca Swanner


Sure, these wool gloves are compatible with all touchscreen devices, but that’s because they’re missing the tips of the thumb and index finger. We think that’s kinda cheating, and we have not been lamenting the demise of the fingerless-glove trend. On the other hand, they do get the job done, and done well, and they’re simple and nondescript enough for most self-respecting men to wear without embarrassment.

Sometimes you get what you pay for. The $15 D105, the lowest-end model, is acrylicknit, and the conductive but bulky fingertips make texting a chore. Shell out an extra ten bucks for the D200. The nylon shell and fleece lining will keep your hands much warmer, and the embroidered pads on the thumb and first two fingers make navigating apps a breeze.

Want to avoid looking like you’re glued to your gear? Try these water-resistant thermal gloves, which will keep your secret on the down low—almost. The subtle fabric pads on the fingers and the silver sheen on the fingers and thumb will give you away to a woman who’s really paying attention—but if she’s looking at you that closely, you’re probably in anyway. The same Tec Touch 2.0 technology is available on a half-dozen other 180s styles.
Tävo Gloves
$27.95 to $29.50

These wind-resistant fleece gloves have PlayPoint technology that enables them to sport the same functionality as their kin—raised silicone pads on the palm and fingers for grip and electrically conductive fingertips—but stick with plain black. Some of their other color schemes will make it look like you’re getting fashion tips from Lady Gaga.

If you’re willing to let your geek flag fly, the silicone composed circuit pattern on these slim-fit gloves does it with a certain flair. The insulating shell is X-Static, a fiber made from 99.9 percent silver, which serves as a barrier against bacteria. That means you can worry a little less about germs when you’re playing with someone else’s device. We’ll be the first to admit that this look is not for everyone, but the gloves will keep your hands warm while you photograph ski bunnies.
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  • Charles Rinko

    Oh wow, what a great idea. I have been using a stylus while wearing gloves. A packaged cheese stick usually works very well.


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