Seize the day all summer with gear that’s good to go.

By Crispin Boyer


Bændit sunglasses
Bændit • $119 (as shown)

These shades are built with temple arms that flex but never break and a frame made of “plastic titanium” polymer, so they blend the style of Ray-Bans with the bending abilities of a Gumby doll. The temples and nose flex, letting you scrunch them down into a pocket-size lump or coil them around your wrist. The silicon-covered alloy core then flattens back into shape when you’re ready to wear them. That flexibility means you can let the Bændits hang loose when you’re chilling or cinch them tight to your temples in strong winds, while you’re jogging, etc. All the parts are interchangeable; buy a few pairs and mix the colors to suit the scene.


HeliossmartHelios Smart
Solpro • $119

While most solar-powered chargers are built for camping or the apocalypse, Solpro’s pocketsize Helios Smart was designed to be your full-time power solution—even when you’re inches from an outlet. The ultra-efficient panels fold out from the built-in battery and harness enough photons from the sun to charge your smartphone in just 90 minutes. The battery holds enough juice for three devices when fully charged (or you can charge the battery the old-fashioned way on cloudy days). Twin USB ports charge two gadgets simulta-neously. Even unfolded, the Helios Smart is small enough to fit on a windowsill or your dashboard, giving you a sliver of off-the-grid living in your office or at the coffee shop.


stmDrifter laptop bag
STM • $140

Escaping into the great outdoors isn’t so easy now that you have a boss to please and bills to pay. The Drifter backpack is your key to successful cubicle egress. Its padded main compartment is roomy enough for a 16-inch laptop, with space to spare for books, clothing, and charging cables. Soft-lined exterior pockets hold your sunglasses, phone, tablet, batteries,
pens, water bottles, and everything else you need to play hooky for a day, or to work alfresco. And it’s made of water-resistant fabric and has a detachable rain cover, in case you get caught in a downpour.


ecopebbleEcoPebble Powerbank
EcoXGear • $60

Quality and quantity collide in this outdoor Bluetooth speaker that does double-duty as a portable battery packing serious juice. Impervious to water, dust, and drops, the EcoPebble delivers the sound of a larger speaker in a compact case you can mount to your bike, tent, backpack, or kayak. It even floats, in case it falls overboard. The 10,000-ampere-hour battery powers the speaker for an entire weekend of round-the-clock jamming, or you can sacrifice play time to charge your devices via a USB port.



From the July/August issue of Penthouse