Women don’t want men to know everything about them, but Jonathan Ages manages to get 2003 Penthouse Pet of the Year Sunny Leone to betray their deepest secrets.

She’ll take flattery over honesty
“We know right off the bat if we look good or not[laughs]. We just want attentiona nd reassurance-we want an honest response. Look her over, sat ‘Turn around’-that’ll give you a couple more seconds to think about it[laughs]. If it’s a boyfriend-girlfriend situation and she doesn’t look good, say, ‘Maybe you should change those jeans and wear these other ones. You look really sexy in these.’ When a man tells a girl no to wear something, he should always reference something else that will make her feel good. But if you’re just dating her-or you just want to get laid-you have to lie. Tell her she looks, hot, no matter what. Later on, when you get to know her better you can say, ‘Maybe you should burn that top.’”

She likes porn-she’s just picker than you are
“Woman like porn as much as men do, but it’s different: girl-girl or boy-girl, not full-on orgies and crazy cream pies. We like nice-looking men having sex with a hot girl. And we usually imagine it’s us. It’s usually a movie with a story and a plot. We like the idea of a man seducing a woman and treating her like a princess and then banging the shit out of her.

You don’t satisfy all her needs
“We’re dirty. Woman think about sex just as much as men do-if not more. My girlfriends are horny bastards. They have issues with not having enough sex. And it’s not because they don’t want to have sex; it’s because the guy’s tired or he doesn’t want to or he’s just being lazy. Women touch themselves a lot. I touch myself at least twice a day.”

She lives your fantasies
“I’m having a slumber party in a couple of week and [September '00 Pet] Aria Giovanni is going to be there. We’re going to wear pajamas. We’re hiring a penis-sucking instructor. We’ll be playing with dildos-not sexually but for fun. We’re having a scavenger hunt. One of the things is, go to a firehouse and flash a fireman; or, go to a biker bar and grab a biker guy’s ass. Another is, walk into the biker bar with a whipped-cream bikini on. We videotape it and you get points for everything.”

She’ll only accept one euphemism for fat
“You can’t say a girl is ‘curvy.’ Curvy is bad word. But voluptuous isn’t a bad word. If she’s got big boobs and a nice round ass, then she’s voluptuous. She probably doesn’t think she’s a stick-figured woman. Voluptuousness is very sexy. I’d rather be voluptuous than a twig.”

She checks out naked women
“If you’re in a changing room and you see a girl who’s really hot, of course you’re going to look. Every woman looks, whether she’s fat, short, tall, skinny-it doesn’t matter. It’s a part of who we are. That’s why we love fashion magazines and looking at beautiful girls in pictures and on TV. It’s just a natural thing. I don’t usually size a girl up, but I sometimes think, Oh, that girl needs to be on the treadmill a little bit longer.”

She lies about sex
“Maybe one out of five girls are telling the truth when they say, ‘I never do this on the first date.’ They don’t want guys to think they’re getting around. You can’t always assume that every girl is lying when she says that, but if she’s extremely sexual when you’re at dinner, then-pfft, that’s a lie! She’s done that before.”

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