Rock Babes

When Pet of the Year Nikki Benz breezed through New York City on a whirlwind media tour, she shot a music video for local indie rockers the Dirty Pearls.

Nikki Benz and 2008 Pet of the Year Runner-Up Justine Joli appear in the video for the Dirty Pearls’ “Who’s Coming Back to Who,” along with such New York City celebrities as chef Chris Santos, promoter Dave Delzio, erotic photographer Ellen Stagg, and Fuse TV host Juliya Chernetsky. The video, which was shot at the legendary Don Hill’s, showcases the city’s rock scene—and the stunning beauty of two of our most popular Pets.

“As soon as Nikki and Justine came onto the set, the champagne bottlespopped and the band started to rock,” says Tommy London, lead singer of the Dirty Pearls. “The energy went from 0 to 60 in just three chords!”

The music video was a first for Nikki, who enjoyed the entire experience. “The most memorable moment for me was being with my friends, popping bottles of champagne, and having Dave [Delzio] pour champagne directly into my mouth,” she says. “It dripped from my mouth down to my breasts, and the camera guy was quick to film that sticky mess while I was licking thechampagne off my fingers.” Nikki raves about her costar: “Justine is so beautiful, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. What eye candy she is!”

Justine was equally enthusiastic about our current Queen. “Hanging out with Nikki was great,” Justine says. “She’s so sexy, a real wildcat.”

Nikki also swung by Tammany Hall to celebrate Chef Santos’s birthday, where she was front-row center for the Dirty Pearls’ full set, dancing and singing along. “I’m glad I was introduced to their music,” Nikki said. “They’re so good!”

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