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Caligula Revealed Art Show

Mario Tursi’s on-set photographs take us inside the filming of a legendary movie.

The Los Angeles Art Show is one of the world’s leading fine art events. This year’s show, held in early February, featured contemporary work exhibited by more than 120 galleries from 23 countries.MORE from Penthouse

You can find the Penthouse classic Caligula revealed in any number of ways over the years. Focusing on the art literally taken on set at the time of shooting nevertheless constitutes something unique and special.
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Natasha Blue for Camster

September is Sexual Health Awareness Month! This is the month for all of us to embrace our sexuality and push a few boundaries … even if most of us are still in lockdown.

Sex, masturbation, naughty thoughts, watching porn, looking at hot chicks in videos … all these things are what make curious men proud of who they are. Exploring these desires is not only fun, but it’s healthy for the mind and body. Sometimes, jerking off can be the perfect medicine for all sorts of activities. Have trouble sleeping? Jerk off. Have trouble waking up? Jerk off. Have nothing else better to do in lockdown? You know the drill.

That cumshot is also a healthy cure for your emotions. Feeling sad? Confused? Frustrated? Impatient? Blow that load.

Since the United States is in quarantine (for god knows how long), the options of remaining sexually healthy must come from within. It’s still not safe to go to bars, nightclubs, or even meet someone from a dating app. But there is still the option to connect with hot cam girls online who give some of the sexiest shows on the Internet. These girls like to explore wild fetishes that aren’t so easily found in the dating world. Fetishes like feet, orgasm control, jerk-off instruction, handcuffs, giant dildoes, ass to mouth, and power exchange are some of the biggest obsessions in live sex chat. The greatest part is that these girls can be found within minutes. has thousands of women from all over the world who give seductive virtual performances online. The site has ladies in all different categories, including Americans, Latinas, Europeans, petite, chubby, blondes, brunettes, redheads, college girls, mature women, ebony, big boobs, small boobs, big asses, and so much more. It’s one thing to chat with a girl on an app, but to see her on the computer screen when she’s already in the mood for some online fun- that’s a whole new way to take pride in sexual health.

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Natasha Bluee

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Angelica Swiss

Angelica Swiss

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Madison Locke

Madison Locke

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James Bond Graphic

A License To Kill Always Comes With Horological Perks

Think iconic watches, and then recognize James Bond as hands down one of films most stylish icons. The fictional British Secret Service agent with a penchant for vodka martinis (shaken not stirred), loose women and cheesy one-liners is also known for his impeccable fashion taste.MORE from Penthouse

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Pandemic Horniness Conceptual Art

Why is the Coronavirus Making Everyone So Damn Thirsty?

Pandemic Horniness is Definitely “A Thing”

We’re living in a slow-moving horror movie and the world as we know it is crumbling around us. People are dying, the economy is fucked, and we’re essentially in full cockblock-down. The coronavirus pandemic is putting pressure on every aspect of our lives and yet we’ve never been hornier.MORE from Penthouse

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Facial Recognition Concept


The T-Shirt That Outsmarts Facial Recognition Technology

Right now, it’s fair to say that you’re probably at home rugged up in your pyjamas and out of Big Brother’s sights. But the world, when we can finally enter it again, is waiting for us with millions of digital eyes. From license plate scanners, airports and retailers, to your neighbour’s doorbells that companies like Apple and Google market as security features, facial recognition technology is everywhere – ready to track, trace, monitor and commodify your every move.MORE from Penthouse

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Vietnam War Veteran Homage

Veterans of older wars often returned to the places they fought. With Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s different.

In 1985, writers and veterans of the Vietnam War gathered for a literary conference hosted by the Asia Society in New York City. It proved a contentious affair, as scribes committed to the hard truths of their combat experiences went after Tim O’Brien and other fiction writers for bending reality into something else. Five years before the publication of The Things They Carried, O’Brien laid out his case for more imagination in war stories.MORE from Penthouse