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LaSirena69, Nice Clothes, Watches and Cars ... Conceptual

B&R timepieces are a seamless combo of elegance, sophistication, and function.

Watch LaSirena69 — And These Watches (if you prefer, of course)

Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo founded Bell & Ross back in 1992. Their designs have since become the go-to time tellers for those working in a demanding profession, from astronauts and pilots to mine clearance experts and even Hollywood hitman John Wick.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Team Penthouse St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and some of us are still looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Feeling ‘Lucky’ This St. Patrick’s Day With Cam Girls

Cue the St. Patrick Cam Girls. … Now if only we could find a leprechaun who could grant our wish for some hot sex. But who needs a leprechaun when virtual sex abounds?MORE from Penthouse

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Penthouse Post-Corona Flourish Conceptual Art

We wrap up our special web trilogy on Post-Corona ruminations with a suggestion to keep looking for the art all around you and a suggestion to polish those moves. We’ll all be back together soon, so now would be the time to start working off that Quarantine Lethargy.

Stimulation of the Senses

Olga Zavershinskaya, a Russian visual artist currently based in the Czech Republic, creates striking, surreal, erotic images that are a combination of photography and digital manipulation. Olga combines shapes, lines and light, reimagining the female nude — but always with a memorable twist, perfect for a Post-Corona exploration.MORE from Penthouse

It will still take some time. It will undoubtedly be different. Yet there will be a Post-Corona. Remember that.
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Post-Corona Adaptation Conceptual Art

Suit Yourself

The viral pandemic threw a wrench into our social lives this year. Any plans we might have had that involved wearing a suit and going out were overpowered by our rotation of sweatpants and T-shirts and the requirement to stay in. However, they say that clothes maketh the man, and with the lockdown laws lifting, there’s never been a better time to refresh your wardrobe and up your sartorial style game.MORE from Penthouse

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Post-Corona Emergence Conceptual Art

It’s Time To Get Serious About Your Post-Corona Grooming Habits

The Lockdown Glow Up

As we begin our Post-Corona Emergence trek and begin anticipating a return to some kind of new normality (and lockdown laws relax), it’s time to have a look in the mirror and see if your head and face could do with a touch of TLC. You may also want to lose a bit of that lockdown flab in time for a day on the beach, especially if you’re looking to grab a certain kind of attention.MORE from Penthouse

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Video Game Sex Concept

Video games have come a long way since the days of Wolfenstein 3D, pushing visual fidelity from two-dimensional sprites to the unparalleled graphical realism of Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Struggles of Video Game Sex

Even as video games become more visceral in their display of violence, little to no effort has been paid to the presentation of sexuality — a topic that remains taboo, at least in the mainstream. It would be as if cinema offered only movies like Saving Private Ryan and No Country for Old Men, but nothing to the likes of Risky Business or Fifty Shades of Grey.MORE from Penthouse

There could be several reasons for the dearth of good video game sex, but it could come down to a couple of simple ones. Many people have not figured out that when done correctly, sex can be a particularly fun game for consenting adults.
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Sexability Rating featuring LaSirena69

As the invisible specter of COVID-19 loomed, governments the world over were pretty united in the belief that a surefire way to combat the virus was to download, install and run a contact tracing app.

Are We Headed to a Sexability Rating?

In Australia’s case it’s COVIDSafe, whereas the French have StopCovid. In India it’s Aarogya Setu, the Italians have Immuni and even our friends in North Macedonia got in on the act, with cool-sounding rejected high school band name StopKorona!

It took about five minutes for most concerned citizens to say, hold on, aren’t these just surveillance bots designed to track our every move and find out who we’re conspiring with? “No,” came the cry, “we would never! We’ll take care of your data and promise not to share it with the FBI, Facebook or your local nightclub bouncer, honest!”MORE from Penthouse

As technology races while COVID-19 has racked the world, can we really be too far behind an online Sexability Rating database?