Article by Chris Flynn
Sexability Rating featuring LaSirena69

As the invisible specter of COVID-19 loomed, governments the world over were pretty united in the belief that a surefire way to combat the virus was to download, install and run a contact tracing app.

Are We Headed to a Sexability Rating?

In Australia’s case it’s COVIDSafe, whereas the French have StopCovid. In India it’s Aarogya Setu, the Italians have Immuni and even our friends in North Macedonia got in on the act, with cool-sounding rejected high school band name StopKorona!

It took about five minutes for most concerned citizens to say, hold on, aren’t these just surveillance bots designed to track our every move and find out who we’re conspiring with? “No,” came the cry, “we would never! We’ll take care of your data and promise not to share it with the FBI, Facebook or your local nightclub bouncer, honest!”MORE from Penthouse

As technology races while COVID-19 has racked the world, can we really be too far behind an online Sexability Rating database?