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Memorial Day with Nyomi Marcela

Every day should be a memorial of some kind, as we live trying to make proud those who care about us. On this one day, though, we honor those we never knew.

A Grateful Memorial Pause

First, lest we forget the actual meaning of this day where we remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for millions of people they never even met…MORE from Penthouse

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Camster Summer Header

Happy Summer! The weather is heating up, and so are these sexy cam girls in their private chat shows.

Embracing the Summer Bloom with Live Sex on Camster

There’s so much to love about summertime: warm weather, beach days, pool dipping, BBQ’s, time off from class/work, and wearing a tank top when you’re outside at night. But the one thing that can make these next few months the best would be going to the beach and checking out those gorgeous bikini babes getting their tans. Seeing that hot chick in her sexy swimsuit as she shows off those curves and long legs while the sun makes her skin glow, is why we love the summertime, right?.MORE from Penthouse

As summer launches in 2021, we begin to feel just a tickle of how summer used to bloom. Feeling more at ease, Penthouse suggests adventure with just the right kind of tickle.
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An0maly Conceptual Art

Rapper-cum-Social Media Pundit An0maly Breaks Down His Support For the 45th President of the United States

An0maly … With A Zero

From a small-time underground career as a rap artist to one of social media’s most vocal supporters of Donald Trump, An0maly — real name Albert J. Faleski — has built a coalition of fans around one of the most prevailing themes of 45’s popularity: That you just can’t trust nobody no more.MORE from Penthouse

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Jeep Rubicon Conceptual Art

The Pandemic finally shows signs of slowing, and with that should come your plan to invest in the best.

The New Frontier

Trends may come and go, but quality never goes out of style. Consequently our oh-so-cleverly-named Jeep Trick presentation shows off one in the category of life’s things always worth spending a bit more on when the time comes. Check out the new innovative Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, which has seriously raised the bar for all 4x4s.MORE from Penthouse

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Pet of the Year (POY) History

Like it or not, every time we surf the interwebs, we are data-mined.

Penthouse POY (Pet of the Year) as Illustration

What follows will be an actual article from Penthouse Magazine, just as you have come to epect on these free internet pages. That said, as you have likely surmised from the title — what with being a fiendishly clever and all — will be a gallery more on topic with the POY History (Pet of the Year) going on concurrent with the voting for the 2021 winner going on now.MORE from Penthouse

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Robert Sammelin on Bettlefield

We talk to Swedish self-taught artists Robert Sammelin about how he turned a passion into a career that has seen his art in the hands of millions of people around the world.

drAwn to success: THE Robert sAmmelin Way

Robert Sammelin illustrations are an ode to exploitation horror posters, weapons, video games and shapely women who look like they could survive an apocalypse. The self-taught concept artist, illustrator, graphic designer and comic creator from Sweden has worked for Apple, Nike, The New York Times, Rob Zombie, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly and Dark Horse Comics, and designed the branding art for the popular Battlefield video games.MORE from Penthouse

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NOT the Actual Pet of the Year Crown

Consider this sort of a "Pet Me Pleas" kind of approach. (Plea as in beg, not as in pretty ... even though they are very pretty. You know what we mean. Pets can be intimidating.)

Penthouse Pet of the Year Playoffs for 2021

Featuring All of the Pet Fun Facts from 2020

(Now might be an excellent time to take advantage of that full screen option on the video player. Just sayin’… You do you.)

Of course should you not have had your fill of Pet Fun Facts, we actually created a written compilation for those reading people out there. (And, yes, we did have to explain to some of our social media experts that people who enjoy long strings of words all in a row do in fact still exist.) Just in case you do not have the order of the 2020 Pets memorized yet, we should note that we have in fact put these in order of their appearance on the Penthouse calendar. If we noticed that we would also have an argument against playing favorites should any of these women feel slighted by the order, well that would simply be a happy accident. Nope. We have no fear of Penthouse Pets in real life. In fact if they do somehow end up lost at the office and wander into the Digital Department, all of us act really erudite — smooth, suave, completely charming, even. Also, we will be sticking to that story, for the record.

  1. Bunny Colby hates bad spelling even worse than people being late.
  2. Gabbie Carter admits to liking guys with big dicks.
  3. Meaghan Stanfill dreams of owning a chain of farmers markets.
  4. Violet Summers considers Johnny Cash her ultimate celebrity sexual fantasy.
  5. Emma Hix got into porn because of a breakup.
  6. Jazmin Luv secretly desires to be a tattoo artist.
  7. Nicole Vaunt adores both art history and sensory deprivation.
  8. Quinn Wilde counts “nerd” as her favorite man trait.
  9. Kenzie Mac could bathe in Pinot Noir.
  10. Suttin loves vegan Mexican food.
  11. Kenzie Anne gets in trouble walking her dog.
  12. Blake Blossom tutors math.

Once you have absorbed all your Pet Fun Facts — which might take a few viewings, admittedly — you will undoubtedly want to cast your VOTE. Paring down to one beautiful Pet can be a daunting task, however, so we can let you in on a secret. You may vote once every week, but nothing says you must vote for the same person every time. The Pandemic has made us all a little jumpy about simply dropping back into life “as normal” — whatever that means, and as if we can even remember. Consequently, we do our best to make things both easy and fun. (This may describe the perfect date as well, but that would be a theory for another time.)

Vote for Penthouse Pet Fun Facts of the Year

Truth be told, there could be more than a couple of these contestants one might describe as both easy and fun. Hopefully you can tell fun from the Pet Fun Facts, though, because we would not advise approaching just any of them with that preconceived notion.

They are doing all sorts of fun things with this contest on the Penthouse Instagram so feel free to check that out as time goes on as well.

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Crop of @milkformycoconut Art

“I think the subject of human sexuality and sexual diversity should be treated as any other conversational topic.”

Seriously, milkformycoconut

Mateja Petkovic, more commonly known as milkformycoconut, is a Serbian artist living in Munich, Germany, who is known for his new realism meets abstract figurative digital oil paintings.MORE from Penthouse

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Savanna Sixx and Ora Young

You should celebrate in multiple languages because that will be excellent exercise for your tongue.

Dos del Cinco de Mayo 2021

Ostensibly we were to simply put up a celebratory video put together for Social Media, because, and we can be honest here, we will pretty much celebrate anything that involves singing, dancing, and copious amounts of food and drinks. (One should not forget the drinks.) Ergo … Welcome to the Penthouse Cinco de Mayo 2021.

Now would be when the “Woo-HOO!” sounds fill the room, by the way. So let’s get this video out of the way, shall we?

First off, we do understand in the hallowed and erudite halls of the rather grandly named “Digital Department” that Cinco de Mayo technically celebrates a Mexican victory in the Franco-Mexican war. We also know that Mia Valentine — she featured in this video — happens to be Guatemalan. That said, Penthouse has a long history of particularly enjoying women that treat the company with the high respect (bordering on reverence, really) that we feel we deserve. Consider the following shots of Mia taken during her CyberCutie shoot.

See? The awe and heartfelt esteem just leap off the page at you? Powerful stuff; we know.

Bottom line, we think everyone should celebrate as much as they can about anything they can think of, so we will respect the language choices here and happily move right along. In the interest of transparency, we should note that more than a few of us in these offices (virtual now or not) do happen to be of the opinion that there are only two types of food in the world: Mexican and Other. Consequently, we may tend to be biased toward those South of the (U.S.) border fiestas. And the fact that these same affairs often include tequila, you may wonder? Well that would be just a coincidence, at least as far as anyone can prove.

It might be a good time to move along, however, at least to the obligatory intermission.

Cinco de Mayo to PenthouseGold

Now we may vamanos to our…