Power Couple: Adam22 and Lena The Plug

Article by Paul James

Social media entrepreneurs Adam Grandmaison and Lena Nersesian say they’re “so fucking boring.” Fans who watch them smoke weed with rappers, hang out with porn stars, and have three-ways with friends might disagree.

We Should All be This Dull

Adam22 - pic 1“I think people would be surprised to find out what a humble, normal, real relationship we have,” says Adam Grandmaison.  

“Yeah,” agrees his partner, Lena Nersesian. “If someone pointed a camera on us and watched our lives, they’d be like, ‘These people are so fucking boring.’”

The thing is, Grandmaison and Nersesian really do have cameras pointed at them much of the time, and the people watching the footage don’t seem inclined to wander away. In just three years, under the nom de web Lena The Plug, Nersesian has cultivated a seven-digit following across a host of platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and PornHub. Much of her content is explicit—she was 2018’s PornHub Celebrity of the Year, and Fleshlight unveiled a Lena The Plug model earlier this year. But on her more mainstream channels she also posts plenty of conventional lifestyle-vlogger material: updates on her personal life, tours of her new house, and cheerful videos of herself and Grandmaison on vacation.

Meanwhile, Grandmaison, known online as Adam22, presides over an ever-growing array of business enterprises. A BMX rider himself, he started out in 2006 running a successful BMX website called The Come Up. Three years later, he opened his clothing line and retail outlet OnSomeShit, and then, in 2015, launched his podcast, “No Jumper,” a loosely formatted interview show that showcases Grandmaison’s ear for new and breaking underground rap talent, and his knack for drawing those same artists into candid and unguarded conversations. (He did important early interviews with the likes of XXXTentacion and Lil Pump.) These days, “No Jumper” is one of the key publicity stops for any aspiring SoundCloud rapper—the bigger your personality, the better.

Grandmaison is currently toying around with writing a book, having been inspired by Howard Stern’s latest memoir, Howard Stern Comes Again. The comparison seems apt—like Stern, Grandmaison is a bad boy with a talent for talking, a fascination with the porn world, and not-so-secret entrepreneurial ambitions. By that token, Nersesian is, with her sunny personality and a sexual forthrightness that belies her conservative upbringing, the girl-next-door whose presence brings out Grandmaison’s sweeter side. 

“Our fans are fascinated by our dynamic,” Grandmaison says. “I seem to be such a rough, blunt, aggressive person and she seems so sweet, that it’s hard to imagine how that dynamic plays out. In reality, it works out great.”

I spoke to Grandmaison and Nersesian over the phone from their home in Los Angeles to learn more. It may not have been the wildest threesome they’ve ever participated in, but they were characteristically open with me.

They say that one reason actors tend to date other actors is that they’re the only ones who understand their lifestyle. Is that also true of people in the socia media world?

Adam: Definitely. I’ve seen the transition in how people act around us as we’ve gone from being regular people to being more well-known. For instance, we have some movers who’ve known us for a while, and they keep moving us from house to house, and the houses keep getting bigger. Every time we see those guys, they go, “Whoa! This is insane! This has been happening really fucking fast.” For me, I keep forgetting that shit has changed a lot for us.

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