AOC Is the Sexy Socialist of Our Dreams

Article by Team Penthouse

Since her upset victory over incumbent congressman and Democratic Caucus chairman Joe Crowley in last year’s New York primaries, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has captivated the masses with her innovative grassroots campaigning and unabashed rebukes of senseless politics.

Among the wishy-washy, big-money politicians that typically populate Washington, this Bronx-born badass stands out as one of the few bright spots in an otherwise drab political machine. She’s basically a Democrat’s wet dream: she’s young, she’s driven, she’s outspoken and magnanimous, and, most importantly, she’s not an old white man.

Progressive socialism has never looked so good.

This week, AOC proved that she’s more than a good-looking idealist. At Michael Cohen’s congressional hearing, she was one of the few House members who asked legit questions. While older congressman grandstanded, Ocasio-Cortez quizzed Trump’s scumbag lawyer about the president’s finances.   

Every time Ocasio-Cortez ruthlessly roasts trolls on Twitter or holds impromptu Q&A’s while making black bean soup, her already cult-like following is only bolstered, because, honestly, what’s not to love?

A true champion of the working class, this proud daughter of Puerto Rican parents has actually lived the struggle. Fresh out of college, when most of her politician peers were taking six-figure positions, she instead returned home to work as bartender and waitress to help keep her family’s apartment out of foreclosure.

At 29 years old, not only is Ocasio-Cortez set to become the youngest woman to ever serve in Congress, but she’s also already proven herself capable of standing up to corporate cronies on both sides of the aisle.

Less than a week after a one-sided victory in the polls, the freshman congresswoman was seen rallying with climate-change demonstrators waging a sit-in outside the office of fellow Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Her calls for a “Green Deal,” while lambasted by some pundits, later prompted Pelosi to tweet that she was “deeply inspired” by the display and that she would “strongly support” creating a committee to address climate concerns.

Meanwhile on the right, Ocasio-Cortez found herself in the crosshairs of everyone from Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson to political zombies Joe Lieberman and Sarah Palin, even before she was sworn into office. And if you’re pissing off this crowd, you must be doing something right.