Crush of the Week: Amy Klobuchar

Article by Mitchell Sunderland

Amy Klobuchar sounds like a boss from hell. According to HuffPost and Buzzfeed, the Democratic Minnesota Senator’s employees allegedly cried and Klobuchar once “accidentally hit” a staffer with a binder. Klobuchar also has gotten more bills passed than most senators, appeals to the Midwestern states Hillary forgot to visit, and advocates for moderate legislation that won’t scare away your grandpa who still votes. If she was a man, Klobuchar would be praised for “getting the job done.” Because she’s a woman, she’s compared to a barking school teacher. Employers should treat their staff well, but as President Donald J. Trump wreaks havoc from the Mexican border to the Canadian Peace Bridge, Klobuchar’s legislative history outweighs her Glassdoor rankings. America could use a tough Minnesota broad. Klobuchar’s the one. 

Amy Klobuchar waving