Article by Sean Bruce

Life is getting so real, especially with the lockdowns and the mask mandates. I mean, people don’t want to acknowledge what’s really going on in this country. In some ways, he’s definitely not the smoothest speaker, and I think there would be a way to lose less people. But I truly believe, even if somebody came along who was smoother than Trump and said all the right things and explained it in a way that made sense, that [the media] would still find a way to make them look divisive. I think it takes somebody with his attitude and his perseverance and maybe his bluntness to beat a political class that’s this corrupt and also make it in Washington. It’s not an easy feat.

Do you see media bias and control as more of a left-wing or right-wing phenomenon?

In this country, the left-wing and the Democrat-associated media control most things. For instance, from Facebook and Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, you have YouTube, you have Google, which owns YouTube. You have Twitter. All these people are left-wing, and any time they try to be somewhat objective, they have a lot of groups like the ADL, the ACLU, and there’s a lot of pressure for them to push in the left-wing direction. Both sides could be the culprit, no question. I see terrible right-wing media all the time. But in this country, the left-wing controls almost all of internet media, I would say, as far as big tech.

When it comes to television, out of the main stations, you have CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CNN and FOX News. If you watch FOX News — I’m not a fan of them to be honest — you have Liberals on, you have Democrats, you have Conservatives. They do give you a mix. All of the other stations are just 100 percent left-wing. They don’t have any Republicans or Conservatives, so I would say 85 to 90 percent of television media is left-wing. And they control most of the shows people watch, like Saturday Night Live. This is not bipartisan comedy. It’s like they’re reading the script of what the Democratic Party says, whether it’s true or not, and making comedy around it.

Where that’s scary is — if you go far enough right on a political scale — you get to libertarianism, which is smaller government. And when you go further left, you get communism or authoritarianism, which is total government. These people won’t accept a Trump win, and if they get the White House, you have almost total control of all information. So both sides can be dishonest and make mistakes, but no question, the media in this country is largely left-wing, and they work really hard to try to get more so. But where that actually benefits me and other pundits is that people want the truth. And when you have so many people doing one thing and you only have a few people — Tucker Carlson, myself — doing the opposite, you see massive numbers. Tucker is the biggest person on television. I compete with most left-wing people on social media because people are seeking the truth, and they’re running out of places to get it.

Isn’t Tucker Carlson’s popularity and the popularity of FOX News in general, evidence that right-wing media outlets actually have quite a significant amount of power?

That’s a good question. I think it shows it’s popular and that there’s a thirst for it, but as far as say FOX News, it’s increasingly become more and more left-wing. You’ve had more Democrat-leaning pieces. Whereas the left-wing news, they haven’t become more right-wing at all. So I would say, Tucker’s — I don’t want to say he’s on his way out, but I could see him getting kicked out within a year or two.

You talk a bit about a sort of communist conspiracy between politicians like Joe Biden, big corporations and Silicon Valley. But aren’t ideas like communism and socialism in contradiction to institutions like the Democratic Party or big corporations, like Amazon or Silicon Valley venture capitalists?

Yeah, that’s a great, great question. I actually read the Communist Manifesto, because I think most people don’t understand communism. Everybody talks about communism on the right-wing, but most people have never read the book. When I read it, it became very clear to me that it’s not a movement of the people. It’s not a movement of the working class, and in no way, shape or form is it a threat to the elite establishment. It’s pitched that way to workers and left-wingers. They think they’re so edgy, but like you said, there’s a reason Amazon and all of these corporations and all of these powerful Democrats are not really threatened by it, because if you read the Communist Manifesto, you could see certain points [Karl Marx] has, and I’ll tell you a few of them.

He wanted total control of banking with a central bank. And Lenin said something along the lines of, “Once you establish a central bank in a country, that’s 90 percent of the way to communizing a nation.”

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