Article by Sean Bruce

The United States has had a central bank since I believe 1918 or 1917. So we’ve been long on our way for that. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy theory, as much as it is a fact that most people don’t learn about. Communism believes in total control of banking, total control of communication, total control of transportation and transport. These are things that are on their way. Do you think that Amazon, if there was total control of communication, are going to hurt? Of course not. They’ll benefit from that because they’ll be one of the corporations involved in that in Silicon Valley.

A lot of people on the left think communism is this edgy way to fight the corporations, but I believe if you read the Communist Manifesto with an open mind and have common sense, you’ll see exactly why it never was a threat to the establishment. In fact, it’s more of a consolidation of the establishment and the abolishment of private property. One of Marx’s cornerstone ideas, in fact, was the abolishment of private property. If you don’t own private property, it’s game over for the people — and that’s what we’re seeing today.

Isn’t the amount of power private corporations have over communication and transport and banking evidence of capitalism in action?

I would say that’s very naïve because if you read how [Communists] want total control of banking and communication, it would be a pipe dream to assume that would trickle down to the working class. I’m sure that’s what Marx conned people into thinking, where it’s like, “Oh yeah, now we’re going to get the power.” But at what point if you give one entity or one person, or one government, or whoever is this Communist leader who implements it, if you give them total control of communication, total control of banking and the abolishment of private property, I don’t see how a bright person could think that that’s going to trickle down and result in working-class success. That’s incredibly naïve.

That’s a critique of communism, but it doesn’t line up with the idea that big businesses, like Silicon Valley corporations, want communism.

Right now, the private entities that are Facebook and whatnot, they kind of play both sides of the coin to get Section 230, which is really protections as if they’re a phone line or something. So they play both sides, where they’re not a publisher, then they are a publisher. Right now, I would say with Facebook, with Google, with Twitter, with Amazon, these companies control a large portion, if not a majority of the United States’ communication network. The idea that this is just going to go away … where’s is it going to go? Why are they supporting these ideas? Things are consolidating in their favor, and if somebody like Joe Biden gets in power, you’re going to have the White House working seamlessly with these corporations.

So what’s your optimal vision for America?

Even this year with all the crazy shutdowns, it could have been much worse. But the reason it wasn’t, I truly believe, is that most people are good people. Most people in this country are great people. That’s why we didn’t have a total breakdown of society, even with all this chaos. Your country is only as good as your people. We just need real law and order of some sort, like true justice, true law and order — for not just the people, but the politicians. We can’t just have lawlessness. We can’t just have a chaotic crime situation [like what] we’re seeing now, where the people who are against right-wingers are all of a sudden libertarian when it comes to murder and looting. These are the few laws that I actually believe in. And I don’t consider myself a libertarian either, by the way. But I think we could do a lot of big things, but we need to stop dividing with the media. We need to stop being petty about words, and political correctness, to me, is just the worst because you can’t have real conversations about race. You can’t have real conversations about immigration. We can’t really have real conversations about anything with all this political correctness and overexaggeration of outrage over everything. We can do well, but people have to get over this hump of acting offended by everything and thinking their pronouns are the most important thing in the world instead of food, shelter, education, health care — these sorts of things.

Because even with Trump as president, we’re running all over the place and we’re not actually coming together to solve these problems. It’s just a chaotic screaming-fest. I see good things happening, but we need a majority of people, I think, to elect Trump and a majority of people to be strong, to step up in their communities. Create an environment and a neighborhood that thrives, and we can go from there. I mean, it’s a complex question, but I think we can do fine, but it’s going to take a lot of strong and smart.

If nothing else, we can be sure An0maly fits the anomaly quotient for most professional performers. Regardless of what one believes, though, if we cannot talk openly and civilly about our beliefs, we will get nowhere. Too much pressure ultimately causes and explosion. In this way physics and politics coincide. For more on An0maly, visit him on Facebook. Do not get this native New Jersey man confused with another artist from Sweden who spells his name without the “zero” though. Turns out numbers can be important too, also in both physics and politics.

Interestingly enough, we ran an article that our Legacy Team has republished from over 40 years ago now. They were worried about big banks even back then. Does anyone else think that God just sits around up there sounding like Homer Simpson all the time? … “DOH!”

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