Article by Matt Gallagher
Confederate Flag and Faces

More than a century after the American Civil War ended, U.S. military bases still sport the names of dead Rebel generals. Is it time for a change?

What Gives?

If you’re able to clear away the smoke and tear gas of 2020 — no easy feat, mind you — a loose, central question to much of all this noise is: Why should things stay this way just because they’ve always been this way? Social issues running the gamut from policing to statues of dead people in parks to names of programs at universities have brought to the forefront demands for immediate change and action during this, our 21st-century Summer of Rage.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Team Penthouse
Astronauts Conceptual Art

Penthouse takes a brief moment to think about some things most of us have probably never considered as we dreamed of being Astronauts.

Penthouse takes a brief moment to think about some things most of us have probably never considered as we dreamed of being Astronauts.

The Effects of Space Travel on Astronauts

What happens to our bodies in space?MORE from Penthouse

Article by Sam Machado
A Basic Food Group

While we spend our Thanksgiving in quarantine this year, we’ll have to make the most of what’s available.

Think about it: Thanksgiving Cam Girls. What a concept!MORE from Penthouse

If you think about it, trying out a Cam Girl experience on Thanksgiving could be a lot more fulfilling than watching some quiet football game with nobody in the stands and visiting team announcers broadcasting the action while watching it on television. You can have all kinds of pie this year.
Article by Ian Neubauer
Bill Gates Conceptual Art

Billionaire Philanthropist Bill Gates Has Spent Enormous Sums Of Money Trying To Save The World. Why Do So Many Hate Him?

Ever wish you could predict the future? Bill Gates can.

“If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war. Not missiles, but microbes. Now, part of the reason for this is that we’ve invested a huge amount in nuclear deterrents. But we’ve actually invested very little in a system to stop an epidemic. We’re not ready for the next epidemic,” the Microsoft co-founder said at a TED talk in Vancouver in 2015.MORE from Penthouse

When someone seems too good to be true, a viral overload of haters from conspiracy theorists to the simply jealous emerge. Behold Bill Gates.
Article by Elton Cornell
Germs Conceptual Art

Coronavirus through a bioweapons lens.

Week after week early on, news about the coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China, in late 2019 kept getting worse. And with each passing day, the only thing we learned was how little we knew about it.MORE from Penthouse

In an era of "weaponized" everything, talking about germs almost seems anticlimatic. Yet history always provides insights if one is willing to listen closely.
Article by Team Penthouse
Penthouse Halloween with Sabina Rouge and Naomi Swann

If you have to stay home, you might as well have some fun.

No doubt Halloween 2020 will different from the Halloweens we have become used to over the years. As with everything in the COVID-19 world, you might as well adapt. Obviously we should all VOTE next Tuesday, if for no other reason than to try and cut down the inescapable noise permeating our existence these days, but for the most part the Rage Against the Machine mentality will accomplish nothing much more than it ever has. You can beat your head against a wall all you want, but odds are good you will just end up with a bad headache.

Consequently, when the Penthouse Social Media Team offered up some of their creations for the Penthouse Halloween 2020 and said we could use the media, we readily agreed happily. The problem came with the instruction to “choose between” Pets Naomi Swan and Sabina Rouge. We will fill you in on a little secret here: When you give the Digital Team a choice between two Pets, we will always choose both.

So what you have here may seem a trifle confusing, it being basically two Penthouse Halloween 2020 promotions played back to back. Honestly, though, why should that be a problem? In fact, we were even able to wade through literally hundreds of photographs of Naomi and Sabina in order to offer up some entertaining still image celebration for the season. (That process might be more difficult than you think, and Penthouse Pets do not as a rule really, really love wearing clothes. So that’s a thing.) Granted, we have more treats than tricks here, but we were fairly confident that no one here would mind.

So what did we learn at this end, remembering we are a privileged yet jaded bunch around here? Well, basically that Naomi Swann has odd taste in party dates, and should you invite Sabina Rouge over to your place for a party, you might want to carve that roast beast yourself. She looks just a tad scary wielding that chef’s knife. That said, absolutely invite as many Pets as you can.

Let’s be honest: Not all things are better in moderation. Happy Halloween 2020, everybody. Eat some candy (or at least something else really good).

Considering you might want to know a bit more about Naomi Swann and Sabina Rouge, we decided to make that easy. Trick or Treat!

Take Halloween 2020 with PenthouseGold, and you may not miss getting up and down to answer the doorbell every five minutes. ... Wait! Will we miss that?
Article by Team Penthouse
Landlord Sex Conceptual Art

But can I still get my deposit back?

Landlords Ask For Sex Instead Of Rent During Coronavirus

In 2016, Landlord Sex was porn’s fastest rising new genre. With the cost of living and rent increasing, owning property was the millennial dream. Property porn allowed us an escape – to view houses we could never afford … while banging busty real estate agents on the dining room table during the open-home viewing. It was the ultimate millennial fantasy.MORE from Penthouse

The barter system has been around about as long as there have been systems at all. In contemporary America, Landlord Sex requests were only a matter of time.
Article by Team Penthouse
Alexis Love Head Shot

Twelve years after becoming our May 2008 Penthouse Pet of the Month, this firecracker burns hotter than ever!

Where Are They Now? … Alexis Love

Alexis says she “spent a few rewarding years feature dancing,” and then became an aesthetician. (Somehow that makes perfect sense, right?)MORE from Penthouse

There has been some thought amongst a few of the “new blood” people that we should start running a Feature for the web with some regularity that does just what this article does, catches up with some old friends. Lots of people agree on good ideas, sure, but we shall see how many volunteer to add these to their workload. That’s always fun.
Article by Sam Machado

The scariest part about Halloween this year is having to remain in quarantine when we want to go out and party.

Lockdown is still very much a thing in the United States … so that doesn’t leave much room for a Halloween celebration. No bar hopping, no house parties, no ding-dong ditching, no outside crowds, no checking out hot chicks in their slutty maid outfits … which is, obviously, the best part of the night. We had memorable times on Halloween when we would go to bars or attend massive events just to look at beautiful babes in sexy outfits. Then maybe we could spark up sexual tension with a slutty witch or a big-breasted ballerina. And if the night went as planned, we were in for one hell of a one-night stand. But times are different now. Everything we’ve been doing these past seven months has been virtual- even contact with beautiful strangers. So, if everything is virtual, does that mean we can have a virtual Halloween party? Maybe one that ‘still’ ends with a one-night stand?

There are thousands of hot chicks who are celebrating Halloween this year. has beautiful women all over the world who are dressing up. While we’re stuck inside fantasizing about that slutty nurse outfit or tight kitty cat suit, we can find girls in these outfits just by going online. Not only are these cam girls dressing up, but they pretty much guarantee a one-night stand. That’s kind of the main purpose why these girls became cam models- they’re looking for someone across the screen who will make them cum.

So when we’re in the mood to party this Halloween- live sex chat is where it’s at.

In fact, audience members can participate in the site’s Halloween contest. There will be a costume contest for models that viewers can vote on. Customers can also hand out virtual pumpkins. The models will receive a special prize, which leads to fulfilling every man’s desire. This could include dirty talk, roleplay, dildo fun, jerk-off instruction, and plenty more. There are cash prizes for the costume and pumpkin hunt contest winners- prices ranging from $100-$1,500. Customers can also enjoy game nights and raffles during these contests.

Something else to look forward to- roleplay is bound to take on an entirely new form in the season of the witch. These cam girls are already in costume so they’re set to bring their characters to life. It’s one thing to fantasize about the sexy vampire succubus on the street- it’s another to find a girl right across the computer screen who will ‘become’ that demonic seductress as she lures horny men to her lair.

Vampires not your thing though? Maybe you’ll find the ethereal princess or glowing mermaid online who wants to take you under the sea for some underwater sex. You may also find slutty Dorothy who’s waiting to cum in the merry old land of Oz. Isn’t dress-up fun?

Check out some of the top cam girls on the site who might play your favorite role in a very special Lockdown Halloween. Just put in a special request in their chatrooms and they’ll be happy to make this Halloween more magical than most of us probably expected it to be.

Sophia Sanchez

Lockdown Halloween with Sophia Sanchez

“Sophia is so so incredible. Incredibly sweet and sexy with one of the best ‘do me’ looks I’ve ever seen. You won’t ever regret time spent with Sophia.”

Angel Sweety

“Angel is a true barbie doll. She is gorgeous from head to toes. She has an angelic face, huge twins, perfect legs, a nice round rear end, athletic strong thighs, perfect toned legs, and cute feet. She looks like a college cheerleader, but with bigger twins.”

Olive Ray

“She is absolutely the hottest girl here. You ask, she does. She loves to cum and you can hear her cum!”

Bea Sweets

Lockdown Halloween with Bea Sweets

“So sexy. Love her body, WOW, and she’s flexible!”

Mia Wood

“Mia couldn’t look any prettier than she already does! With her stunning eyes, beautiful lips, absolutely gorgeous smile, phenomenal breasts, and the best booty for the world to see, she is simply amazing.”

Find thousands of cam girls on and celebrate your own Lockdown Halloween this year. …

(And explore some of our earlier features, should you be feeling adventurous.)