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Camster Cam Girls Network

With the world at one of its darkest peaks, there is still something positive to look forward to. Who would’ve thought there was still a way to connect with adult stars and sexy promiscuous ladies?

Strippers, sex workers, adult models, and performers, what do they do when they can’t interact with guys in person? It’s no surprise that this lockdown has derailed most peoples’ plans. So many have been getting laid off left and right during this quarantine. This has been leading people to expand their horizons looking for work while we ride out the storm of this pandemic. As it turns out, webcamming on sites like is one of the most convenient jobs that was found right through the computer screen.

Thousands of girls around the world have explored cam modeling during the lockdown. With a job like this, no one has to drive to an office. No one needs to worry about social distancing in public. And no one needs a fancy resume. All it takes is a webcam and the confidence to be naughty with customers online.

For the last several months, has garnered thousands of more private interactions every day. With nowhere to go, searching for cam girls online is not only fun, but it’s relieving- especially in a stressful time like this.

It works out for both the model and the customers who must stay indoors. This social distancing is no fun. What better way to relieve that tension and have fun than with a stranger online who will live out kinky fantasies? Not only that, but she could also be a good friend for her clients who just want to talk about their day. Considering that we’ve all been doing the same thing since March, that’s already one thing a model will have in common with her client.

Check out some of the hottest cam girls and what their biggest fans are saying about them:

Maggy Luna

Maggy Luna on Camster

“I fell in love the first time I laid my eyes on Maggy! She is such a beauty to look at, and such a sweetie to talk to!”

India Ivy

Camster India Ivy

“Her demeanor pulled me in. Her subtle beauty kept me there. I often wondered if a woman like this ever even existed, and here I was looking at her frozen in awe. I tried to find a flaw and couldn’t. I was transfixed, speechless.”

Eva Sin

Cam Girl Eva Sin

“My friend for life, super sweet and the best for a reason. Everything comes from the heart with Eva. She makes a man feel like a man.”

Maye Daye

Maye Daye for Cam Girls

“Maye is a sweetheart. She is full of energy. She gives a great show. She has huge twins and a fantastic body. She has pretty eyes and gorgeous face. She is a fun person you will enjoy being in her room.”


Cam Girls Adryenn

“Adryenn is truly a stellar model who really knows how to have fun. Intelligent, stylish and very desirable.”

Stay tuned for details on models’ upcoming party shows!

Article by Team Penthouse
Eat Right Conceptual ARt

A lifestyle change can add to your health and get you feeling good this spring. Here are some new ways to approach the pantry that we can get behind.

You need not focus on the “die” part of diet. You can eat right, have fun doing so, and look great in your clothes — or, y’know, out of them.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Team Penthouse
Fitness Trends Conceptual Art

Some health, wellness, and exercise trends are so ridiculous, you don’t need a degree in nutrition or kinesiology to declare them bogus. But what about trends less easily dismissed? These are trickier — approaches and practices that might have some scientific substance, or work for some people, but ultimately don’t have what it takes to be champions.

Fitness trends can be a lot more trendy than actually helping with fitness. Join us as we wander through just a few of the crazes in this weird world.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Team Penthouse
Bogus and Not So Much

Joining a long line of phony-baloney approaches to health and fitness (a legacy that includes leeches, vibrating slimming belts, oxygen bars, and the Shake Weight) are five more recent trends that we call “bullshit” on.

We call them Bogus Health Trends because our lawyers would not let us call them worse. You may call them whatever you wish, depending upon the company present, but you might not want to call any of these your own.

Activated Charcoal

Believers claim ingesting activated charcoal scrubs your innards and purifies your blood. But in truth? It doesn’t do shit. You’d have to swallow an ungodly amount for it to create any gut action, and it doesn’t even circulate in your blood. Doctors do administer mega-doses if someone swallows poison or too much of a drug, but you don’t want to go that route. For one thing, you’d be constipated for a week.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Team Penthouse
Fitness Podcast Options

Here are some of the podcasts we’re listening to right now, either as inspiration for a healthier lifestyle, or a welcome distraction during workouts.

Fitness Podcasts: The Dumbells

Fitness buffs/comedians/hosts Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger riff about “training dirty, eating clean, and living in-between” on this weekly show. Like many podcasts, there’s a lot of inane banter, poop jokes, and product plugs; once it gets going, though, their conversation runs the gamut of fitness-related issues: diet vs. exercise, weight loss, nutrition, choosing a gym, motivation strategies, sleep, injuries, lifestyle changes, and specific sports like boxing, basketball, running, and weightlifting. It’s chit-chatty and fun, appropriate for both gym rats looking for advice and couch potatoes in need of encouragement.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Amy Alkon
Modern Feminism Conceptual Art

This view of women as weaklings helps no one, and today’s university-powered feminism does actual harm as well.

The Perils and Prudery of Victim Feminism

Bora Zivkovic is a Belgrade-born scientist and writer who settled in North Carolina after doing research at NC State. Slightly built, with round wire-rim glasses, poofy graying hair, and a prominent nose, he’s friendly, energetic, and passionate about science and science writing. Photographed from certain angles, he has the look of a cartoon owl.

A man who helped organize the popular ScienceOnline conferences in the Research Triangle near Raleigh, Zivkovic earned the nickname “Blogfather” for his role as editor of the Scientific American blogs network. He also served as series editor of a yearly anthology of the best online science writing. Well-known for promoting science journalism, Zivkovic assisted numerous young science bloggers, and took pride in his efforts to encourage and support women interested in writing about science.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Camille Todaro
Facebook Live Suicide Conceptual Art

What my friend’s very public demise taught me about mental health and social media.

Losing Nikki

Nikki Shriver and I met while working at a Daytona Beach strip club in 2009.

I was dancing my way through my bachelor’s degree and Nikki, like a lot of people, was searching for a more financially comfortable life that didn’t come at the cost of the 9-to-5 grind.

Every weekend we shared the stage, gyrating in the neon haze before captivated men waving dollar bills. Every night, we followed the same routine when we weren’t onstage: walk the floor in our heels, pick a table, take a seat, shake hands, and bat our lashes. Find something in common with the client and build on it. Close the sale.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Matt Gallagher
War Crime Pardons Conceptual Art

In late 2019, President Trump pardoned three American servicemembers for war crimes committed overseas. Here’s why that actually harms the military.

This past November, President Trump issued pardons for two convicted war criminals, Major Mathew Golsteyn and First Lieutenant Clint Lorance, and reversed the demotion of another, Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher (of no relation to this here scribe).

Made in the midst of impeachment buildup, the decision caused a firestorm in the military and in veterans’ communities — proponents saw it as evidence that the president was honoring his recurring pledge to “love our military.” Detractors argued that it was an act of political opportunism, one that both attacked the military justice system and normalized the abnormal for a citizenry largely removed from the realities of modern war.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Thomas Negovan
On the set of Caligula

Recut and restored, a legendary film returns thanks to a spectacular archival discovery.

Our Founder’s Erotic Film “Caligula” gets Rediscovered

Depending on the predisposition of the source, history remembers Bob Guccione either as an ostentatious creative spirit or a ruthlessly clever businessman — the reality probably lies somewhere in the middle. What’s certain is that the Penthouse magazine founder loved a challenge, loved exceeding expectations, and lived to push the envelope, weighing in via his publication on charged social and cultural issues, and highlighting the centrality of sex in human life.MORE from Penthouse