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Keeping Eyes on the New Camster Banner

Eyes on Camming for the First Time

It probably comes as no surprise that the popularity of camming has skyrocketed in the past two years because of the pandemic. It makes a lot of sense that people around the globe (whether model or customer) would turn to live sex during the isolation. People lost their jobs and had to work from home to make ends meet. Others were horny and couldn’t have random hookups on dating apps so they had to get creative and enjoy live sex through the computer screen. In fact, thousands of the most successful models you’ll come across started their camming careers during the pandemic. But many other popular models got started within the last few months in the (sort of?) eye of the post-pandemic, so never let timing throw you off.MORE from Penthouse

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Tim O'Brien Conceptual Art

The War and Peace of Tim O’Brien

Literary documentaries serve a curious function. Most follow writers at the end of their careers as they look back on their lives and work, so they’re pensive, even wistful. This can be interesting in its own way, especially to other writers (raises hand), but there’s an inactive reminiscent quality that fills a good many. Lives spent in the letters can indeed prove worthwhile and fulfilling, but that doesn’t mean they make for riveting television.MORE from Penthouse

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Crypto Crypt Conceptual Art

Crazy Cryptocurrency

While true, gamers presently find themselves unable to purchase newly minted graphics cards, that doesn’t mean they’re missing out on much.

It’s easy to hate on cryptominers for buying up the entire inventory of available graphics cards — GPUs. There’s little doubt that the latest boom in Bitcoin and Ethereum popularity has made it hard for gamers to pick up upgrades, especially with the release of Nvidia and AMD’s new systems. Not only are they hard to get — those available are exorbitantly priced, well out of reach of the casual gaming enthusiast.

That said, there’s a good chance if you’re an avid gamer, you already have a graphics card capable of running most, if not all new titles — most of which are designed to cater to cards several generations old. Not having the latest and greatest won’t stop you from playing Cyberpunk 2077 or Valheim, both of which run perfectly well on older systems, provided you’re willing to turn down the settings a little.

After all, most games are designed to run on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 hardware, which are much less powerful than the latest series of GPUs.

With that out of the way, how do gamers benefit from the crypto rush?

Enter cryptomining. Thanks to various services and the ease of mining Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, gamers can earn money with their graphics cards, to pay off their next round of upgrades. There’s nothing wrong with skipping this generation of graphics cards, especially when the next lineup is just months away.

Set aside your worries about power usage. If you’re already using electricity to heat up your apartment during winter, why not keep yourself warm with a computer which generates passive income when you’re not using it? Furthermore, while the current generation of cards may remain greatly out of reach for now, that won’t be the case forever.

Within a year, Ethereum will move to a “proof of stake” system that will effectively end the need for GPU-based mining — the most profitable token to mine at the moment. As with the previous crypto bubble, demand for GPUs will die down. And when that happens, gamers can expect the secondhand market to explode with high-end graphics cards, making them affordable for anyone to upgrade.

Better yet, should you have been mining during that time, you can use your earnings to effectively buy yourself a whole new rig.

Following the previous bust in 2018, loads of Bitcoin and Ethereum farms offloaded their equipment, which had been rendered obsolete by higher mining requirements, and gamers saw a flood of high-end graphics cards. For now, Nvidia is trying to cope with the demand by releasing GPUs with built-in limiters to make them less effective for mining, but they’ve since been overcome, which means that these pieces of hardware, too, will be available to gamers at not-insane prices.

It’s never a good idea to buy high-end graphics cards to begin with. First adopters are effectively beta testers for state-of-the-art hardware that only reaches its full potential at the end of its cycle before the next generation of hardware comes around. So don’t give in to FOMO, because patience will, inevitably, pay off.

Granted, sometimes it pays off with feelings of, “Darn. I sure wish I had pulled the trigger when I had the chance.” Although that could somewhat undermine the (questionable) point here. We offer, then, the following editorial comment on the crypto editorial.

Honestly people that equate used graphics cards with new, and consider it “never a good idea” to buy high-end graphics cards, have quite simply never owned a high-end graphics card it seems like to this Editor. Pity, that. … While never good to live in fear of missing out on everything, consciously attempting to justify missing out on special things so that those special things can be sold in bulk for a higher profit just sounds like an Nvidia marketing campaign.

Bottom line: It seems to us that this entire debate comes down to that whole “provided you’re willing to turn down the settings a little” part. If we were willing to turn down the settings, we would not be in the market for a new graphics card we could install ourselves in the first place. We might not even know what a “graphics card” might be or how one might use one. … At the risk of appearing overly Anglophile in the critique here, it does sound a bit like, “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”

Article by Barbara Pizio
Mask-Wearing Distress Conceptual Art

Mask On, Mask Off

With vaccinations ramping up in the U.S. and infection rates dropping — even in cities hit hardest by COVID-19 — the Centers for Disease Control has relaxed their mask mandates for those who’ve received the jab. But not every business and local government, or their coronavirus-wary citizens, are eager to give up the face coverings that have been credited with saving thousands of lives.MORE from Penthouse

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LaSirena69 Promoting a Car Sex Concept

Start Your Engines (for Exceptional Car Sex)

Car sex has all the elements of a thrilling fuck — urgency, risk and the undeniable teenage nostalgia that comes along with it. We’ve all awkwardly slid into the passenger seat or been jabbed in the thigh by a gear stick while trying to climb over the center console of a motor vehicle for the sake of sex. For some of us, car sex was the holy grail of our high-school hookups. But car sex shouldn’t just be reserved for teens. In fact, a study based on search engine data showed more than 6,600 Americans Google “how to have sex in a car” every month. Before you go giving or getting some rev-worthy road head, here are five things you should know first.MORE from Penthouse

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The Rock on Rock

Rock Solid

Fifteen years ago, the world was already smelling what The Rock was cooking — and couldn’t get enough of it. During his conversation with Penthouse in October 2006, Dwayne Johnson displayed his charisma, sense of humor and showbiz smarts as he discussed his role in the video game Spy Hunter and his burgeoning acting career. But since then, the WWE legend has amassed an impressive movie resume, with films that have raked in more than $10.5 billion worldwide at the box office, making him one of the globe’s highest-grossing actors — and the most followed American on Instagram.

His eyebrow-raising success has included him starring in and producing the hit HBO series Ballers, appearing in the Fast & Furious and Jumanji franchises and taking a musical turn in Disney’s Moana as bombastic demigod Maui, among other successful projects. And his eventful life has even inspired the sitcom Young Rock, which was recently renewed for a second season on NBC.

Now 49, the gregarious star is larger than life at six-foot-four and a reported 260 pounds of muscle, but he’s earned a spot as one of pop culture’s most endearing personalities — thanks in no small part to his Instagram account @therock.

In his picture-packed posts, Johnson demonstrates how he maintains his impressive physique, dishes about his movie work and business projects, gives heartwarming insights into his personal life and delivers encouraging messages.

With 244 million followers, he’s the most popular actor on the platform, only coming in second to Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) but topping “God Is a Woman” singer Ariana Grande (@arianagrande).

When the California-born performer surpassed the impressive 200 million mark in October 2020, he expressed his gratitude, telling fans he was “humbled” by their support.

Piper Kerman, author of Orange Is the New Black, wrote about The Rock’s universal appeal, calling him a “uniter, not a divider.”

His incredible popularity has even sparked chatter that he may launch a bid for the White House one day.

When asked about a potential presidential run during an interview earlier this year on Today, The Rock admitted, “I do have that goal to unite our country, and I also feel that if this is what the people want, then I will do that.”
He added, “If the time comes where there is a good amount of people who want to see that happen, then I’m going to consider it.”

The self-described “political independent and centrist,” who threw his weight behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in in 2020, didn’t elaborate on what party he might possibly represent or give any sort of time frame. But The Rock’s remarks followed him sharing a poll on social media, which revealed 46 percent of those surveyed said they’d consider casting their vote for him as commander in chief.

In his post about the poll, The Rock wrote: “I don’t think our Founding Fathers EVER envisioned a six-four, bald, tattooed, half-Black, half-Samoan, tequila drinking, pick up truck driving, fanny pack wearing guy joining their club — but if it ever happens it’d be my honor to serve you, the people.”

With all he’s achieved so far, there’s little reason to doubt The Rock could successfully make the leap from the squared circle to the Oval Office.

Being rather the modern — ideal in some views — man, The Rock has multiple social media accounts on the standard platforms, but sees no need for a “personal” web site. That said, his Seven Bucks Productions company has one, and you can adorn yourself with Rock Gear at another should you desire. To put it simply, should you desire more, Rock On. (Sorry. Sometimes we simply cannot help ourselves.)

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VICE series Conceptual Art

VICE: The power of the dark side

This spin-off of the pro wrestling documentary series looks at tragic and bizarre real-life stories to come from the American football world. MORE from Penthouse

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The Band Mogwai

Earth to Mogwai

The band’s 1997 debut album, Mogwai Young Team, peaked at No. 75 on the U.K. charts just a few months after Tony Blair’s New Labour seized power with its new masculinity, new meritocracy, new everything — a Team-U.K. shininess, brashness and pre-Iraq War confidence reflected in sobriquets such as Britpop and Cool Britannia. Be Here Now by Oasis and Spiceworld by the Spice Girls were the bestselling U.K. albums that year. MORE from Penthouse