Cinco de Mayo 2021

Article by Team Penthouse

You should celebrate in multiple languages because that will be excellent exercise for your tongue.

Dos del Cinco de Mayo 2021

Ostensibly we were to simply put up a celebratory video put together for Social Media, because, and we can be honest here, we will pretty much celebrate anything that involves singing, dancing, and copious amounts of food and drinks. (One should not forget the drinks.) Ergo … Welcome to the Penthouse Cinco de Mayo 2021.

Now would be when the “Woo-HOO!” sounds fill the room, by the way. So let’s get this video out of the way, shall we?

First off, we do understand in the hallowed and erudite halls of the rather grandly named “Digital Department” that Cinco de Mayo technically celebrates a Mexican victory in the Franco-Mexican war. We also know that Mia Valentine — she featured in this video — happens to be Guatemalan. That said, Penthouse has a long history of particularly enjoying women that treat the company with the high respect (bordering on reverence, really) that we feel we deserve. Consider the following shots of Mia taken during her CyberCutie shoot.

See? The awe and heartfelt esteem just leap off the page at you? Powerful stuff; we know.

Bottom line, we think everyone should celebrate as much as they can about anything they can think of, so we will respect the language choices here and happily move right along. In the interest of transparency, we should note that more than a few of us in these offices (virtual now or not) do happen to be of the opinion that there are only two types of food in the world: Mexican and Other. Consequently, we may tend to be biased toward those South of the (U.S.) border fiestas. And the fact that these same affairs often include tequila, you may wonder? Well that would be just a coincidence, at least as far as anyone can prove.

It might be a good time to move along, however, at least to the obligatory intermission.

Cinco de Mayo to PenthouseGold

Now we may vamanos to our…