Does Judd Apatow Deserve to Be Cancelled?

Article by Mandy Stadtmiller

This is a video I have made about Judd Apatow and comedy and cancel culture.

In this video, I have used the long-heralded journalistic “gotcha” technique of spending hundreds of hours looking through Apatow’s work in order to find some footage that portrays his hypocrisy in positioning himself as a moral arbiter of the comedy world. Everyone should be aware of this technique. No one should trust journalists. And I say that as one.

To that end, I have spent the last few weeks doing what all tabloid-bred shit-heels do, which is dig through the corners of the internet, researching Judd Apatow: the man, the myth, the hypocrite.

I will always admire Apatow for cowriting The 40-Year Old Virgin in the early aughts. It gave me life when I saw it in the theater all alone, right around the same time I saw The Aristocrats. (I mean, talk about a movie where they “punch down,” am I right?) But as a slightly autistic comedy obsessive, I’ve grown increasingly consumed with rage watching this guy use some of the most reliable intellectual dishonesty techniques known to man, all to escape being eaten alive by the mob with which he now aligns himself.

Because I am so weak and cowardly myself, I have a knack for spotting it in others. Never before have I witnessed such an utterly thrilling display of wormish personal disloyalty, argumentative cherry-picking, playing dumb as a decoy, and through-and-through historical revisionism in both his press appearances and his social media presence.

This guy is good.

To calmly attempt to transition from the man who made his millions off of faggot-and-tranny jokes in his always wildly sexist (in a hilarious way—sorry, guys, but sexism is hilarious, as is misandry) movies to his recent reinvention as Mr. Woke Stasi, El Capitan, is pretty badass. It actually reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from the brilliant, groundbreaking FX show Louie (have you ever seen it? Well, sorry fuckos, it’s gone forever now!) where Louie (Louis C.K.) has a shot at replacing Letterman. As he’s fully flop-sweating it out for the guy who’s auditioning him, Louie goes to a deep, deep place of desperation and fart-poop-fuck-boobies juvenilia to get the job. Because he’s fucking terrified. And it is so goddamned authentic that it makes your heart sing, and you feel like you’re not the only one who’s been both so low and so high at the same time. That maybe you’ll recover.