Top Five Fitness Podcasts Getting Us Through The Day

Article by Team Penthouse

Here are some of the podcasts we’re listening to right now, either as inspiration for a healthier lifestyle, or a welcome distraction during workouts.

Fitness Podcasts: The Dumbells

Fitness buffs/comedians/hosts Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger riff about “training dirty, eating clean, and living in-between” on this weekly show. Like many podcasts, there’s a lot of inane banter, poop jokes, and product plugs; once it gets going, though, their conversation runs the gamut of fitness-related issues: diet vs. exercise, weight loss, nutrition, choosing a gym, motivation strategies, sleep, injuries, lifestyle changes, and specific sports like boxing, basketball, running, and weightlifting. It’s chit-chatty and fun, appropriate for both gym rats looking for advice and couch potatoes in need of encouragement.

Fitness Podcasts: Good Life Project

These days we all need a bit of self-help, and this is the perfect accompaniment to any hourlong workout. Author/entrepreneur Jonathan Fields interviews guests who’ve found success in their respective fields (chefs, writers, musicians, actors, doctors, athletes), but are not necessarily household names. He engages them in philosophical conversations about their “good” lives, though unlike many podcast hosts, Fields is refreshingly hands-off, letting his guests do most of the talking. Their stories are fascinating and inspiring, filled with insights on how they achieved professional success, personal fulfillment, and physical and mental health.

Fitness Podcasts: The Minimalists

“Love people, use things” is the motto of podcasters Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, both former corporate wonks, now diehard minimalists. Together with their guests they tackle the subjects that all conscientious consumers struggle with: how to buy less, get rid of stuff, pay off debt, and make time for what’s important, like friends, family, creativity, and physical and mental health. Each episode broaches various facets of our culture of excess: living sustainably; diet, fitness, and self-care; finances and debt; depression, anxiety, and stress; relationships and sex; smartphone and internet use; minimalist travel; and sleep.

Fitness Podcasts: The Rich Roll Podcast

Each week, ex-slouch-turned-ultra-marathoner Rich Roll takes a deep dive into issues regarding health, fitness, nutrition, and spirituality with various authors, health gurus, and adventurers. Launched in 2013, the podcast has a massive following (60 million downloads and counting) and holds steady on the iTunes top-ten list. His interviews are relaxed and conversational, and some clock in at more than two hours—perfect for a long training run. Roll (a former substance-abusing entertainment lawyer) tackles heavy subjects like addiction, climate change, and endurance sports, and is a strong advocate of plant-based diets.

Fitness Podcasts: Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Yeah yeah, we know: Oprah. But this is a great podcast for anyone just getting started with a wellness regime, physical or mental. With her trademark no-nonsense likability, the Big O interviews the kinds of gurus you’d expect: Dr. Phil, Eckhart Tolle, Elizabeth Gilbert, Deepak Chopra, Suze Orman, and Malcolm Gladwell, to name just a few. This slickly produced show is laden with catchy Oprahisms, and is touchy-feely to the max, but let’s face it—Oprah is still the shit. That woman gets the message out, and the message is good. She advocates bringing about positive change in the world, starting with ourselves.